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  1. Where'd ya go?

  2. Nice picture.

    Did you take that?

  3. lol u didnt approve of my comment!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! :P

  5. God dammit Nucks!!! stop with the god damm team killing it was a mistake!!!!

  6. hey fellow polak

  7. Are we using the same sire, or are you making another one?

  8. I know how you feel. :)

  9. Venage told me that he's gonna make another forum.

  10. The only reason your site is down cause there is a bug on it.

  11. Dont make any drafts on the friday.

  12. If the site isnt running by the draft time, reschedule it.

  13. Ima little late but happy B-Day! :D

  14. Get your own sig, you took MINE!!!!