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  1. Replace Horvat with Shinkaruk and I definitely could see that happening. I've always been high on Horvat from day 1
  2. I think by as early as next season we'll see him play the Kesler role. We're seeing glimpses of WD using him in that role now. Who knows what kind of added progression he'll make with another summer of off season training. It's just a shame that guys like Shinkaruk and Jensen aren't pushing their way for roster spots on this team. Horvat needs a better supporting cast of younger plays to play with that have more skill in order to maximize his offensive potential.
  3. I think his personality fits this team so well. It's along the lines of a Sakic and Yzerman demeanor. I definitely see a player who doesn't feel entitled to anything and works hard every shift. I appreciate the genuine humble attitude and work ethic.
  4. I approve of this thread. He's a key player on the team already and should have his own discussion on the main board.
  5. It's disrespectful to keep the future captain in the prospect section. This guy is beasting it at a time when we're fighting for playoff hopes and dealing with key injuries. Honestly a big reason why we haven't be dropping like flies this past month.
  6. hunter bustkaruk. In all seriousness though, he just doesn't have any one trait that will allow him to overcome his size. He doesn't have the greatest hockey iq like horvat does, doesn't have elite speed for someone his size, and his hands are more overrated than not when it comes to game time. Doing it in practice doesn't count. I hope one of these days the Canucks will actually draft a small kid that pans out like a Johnny hockey in Calgary. That guy just has a good head for the game
  7. Thanks, and so true.
  8. I honestly don't think benning has much faith in both shinkaruk and Jensen. Already rumors from last June that benning was including shinkaruk in trade packages. This season has probably only increased his odds of being traded if a deal comes along. Probably would be in a package deal though as he holds little value on his own, same with Jensen.
  9. This needs to be moved now. Horvat is no longer a prospect but an nhler regular
  10. Injury excuse is getting old at this point... He didn't even miss an entire season of development last year like a lot of people are talking about.
  11. his creativity is starting to come out now. what a stud, been so long since one of our 1st rounders showed any promise
  12. Yup exactly, however people will still just call me a troll.
  13. He'll be lucky to even make it as a 4th line center at the NHL level. I think Brent Sutter was spot on with his assessment of Gaunce last year. We'll be lucky if he even pans out at this point. His skating is still a big issue, you just don't see the same strides he has made like Horvat.
  14. I'm not a troll, just a realist.
  15. According to the countless prospects that bust based on being unable to adapt and dominate the AHL offensively.