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  1. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    It was coming, we all kew it. Thank AV for 7 great years (well 6) and wish him luck elsewhere. Now for the new coach. anyone wana pry tippet from Phx?
  2. Jason Garrison so far?

    awesome. Nice repost
  3. Ludwig Blomstrand Talk

    every prospect signing, the same thing, everyone loves him and hes going to pan out and be the next steal from a draft.
  4. thanks man, U2! im not on as much now, used to be at least daily

  5. ye man, actually got someone to make for me. its all good. dont worry bout it

  6. Cool profile nucks_rule1's

  7. Hey man, i actually was just looking around of pictures of Kesler on google and i saw this sweet sig and thought it was cool! I see that you have it also :P

  8. nice sig man! where did u get that from may i ask?

  9. That WellwoodSMASH guy is full of sh*t, I called him out for his 24 jersey claim and told him to send me a pic, he replied just give me your email and I'll send one, it never happened, I asked him again, and he said that a bunch were getting repaired or some bull, and that he didn't know how to get them all in one picture, he's just a liar looking for attention on the internet.

  10. Yup. Ppl are always baffled that I'm always wearing a different one haha but I don't wear the game worn or auto'd ones.

  11. i hear ya, sounds sweet. if i had the money would definitely have more.

  12. Yea man. 24 and counting lol. Gonna be getting my salmon colored skate jersey customized soon too. It's a pricey hobby but I like it lol

  13. hey man, for real 24 jerseys?

  14. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    was alrite, nothing unexpected... i dont know why he was given a letter..
  15. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    hahah this thread is hilarious burrows goes out thee and plays hard every night nothin wrong with him. oh and -668