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  1. IN MEMORY OF CC! RIP my Friend! :(

  2. When can I come back to TH? I miss the website...

  3. Ya when the Board message came up I was sooo confused...

  4. Well thats good, it would suck to be banned for receiving an advertisement pretty much.

  5. Apparently some people reported me because they received an advertisement from me...

    I got a advertisememnt from a guy this morning...

    Some one got it mixed up.

    It's fixed though thanks to luongo89

    (buddy at work)

  6. Thats good you shouldn't be banned for something so stupid

  7. Posting Nude Pics and Cheating with another account. :D

  8. yeah, they have a forum. i joined it after i got banned from CDC in october. there are some nice ppl but just 25-40 active posters every day.

  9. oh, the teacher collapsed? thats bad! or not ?;)

    i got the game from the Sabres forum.

    but there are just 5 active players at the moment. no fun at all.

  10. pretty good. tomorrow i ve my last day in the hospital. next week the the practical at the fire fighters ambulance starts. and you? nice that u ve joined my prediction game. ;)

  11. He got banned? Why?