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  1. well, i'm a fairly observant guy and I posted in this thread in the first place because it was unusual to see VPD supervising the skytrain platform at all, let alone checking fares at the top of the stairs. maybe i was wrong but i doubt it. do transit police carry tasers along with lethal weaponry? (not to say that tasers aren't lethal, which is what all law enforcement wants people to believe but is in fact a load of sh**).
  2. They were VPD officers, not transit police. And there was a VPD car parked outside the station entrance.
  3. yesterday getting on the expo line at granville and commercial-broadway stations i had my fare checked by uniformed, armed VPD officers. i've taken that line into downtown hundreds of times and previously my fare has only been checked two or three times by skytrain cops, never by VPD and never twice in one day in a situation where they are checking every fair before letting people enter the platform. why the sudden crackdown? I assume they're just trying to make a show of force before the olympics, but seriously is there nothing better for city police to do than stand in groups of two or three and check bus fairs?
  4. Thanks for the profile view. :)

  5. hey i'm looking for some wellwood renders, looking through these threads is taking a lot of time could someone summarize for me or just post a few here? thanks