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  1. canuck_trevor16, I go to UVIC and it is awesome.

  2. Would the Sedins be as good without Burrows? No, and no.
  3. Shawn Rocker? Is that you?

  4. Burrows was man enough to come out and bring this feces into the light. He made far too grievous a complaint with far too much sincerity to be lying. We're behind you 100% Alex!
  5. Here Lies Elmer "Clutch" Frackface His Family Hopes That CDC Rep Has No Relation To Heaven Vs. Hell "let er rip"
  6. I think it's funny that the last couple pages of this thread have seen many people saying that Burrows is only good with the Sedins. While this may be true, who cares? Just play him with the Sedins! Facepalm at the logic. "Burrows is only good with the Sedins. So we should take him off of the first line." Um... ok. Do we want him to be bad? We've locked him up for years at 2 mill, a deal he took because he knows who he is. If he scores like he has been scoring with the Sedins for TWO MILL A YEAR there is no problem. And who has been better with the Sedins? Nobody. And don't you dare say Anson Carter; he just stood in front of the net and let stuff bounce off of him. In the new NHL, you need a Burrows on your line. We're lucky to have him. Great game tonight by the EPIC first line of the Canucks.
  7. Burrows has consistently scored at the rate of a top line player for the last season and a bit... WHEN HE'S HEALTHY. CANNOT stress that enough.
  8. The most famous thread in CDC history. Almost to 100 pages...
  9. When Daniel comes back, Burrows will play with them again. He's the best choice.
  10. They don't even get the chances without burrows. It'll come.
  11. Hodgson is still a blue-chip prospect and a future star. And even if he's Stojanov, that just means we trade him for our next captain. What's wrong with that?