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  1. I agree, he has to do something, I thought he was called up for 7 games or something last year? I disagree with just cutting bait on him though.
  2. With only 14 fwds listed on the roster, I would assume they are pretty confident he will be healthy.
  3. I'm surprised Blomstrand isn't on the list, while he is still a longshot I would of thought he is a better prospect than some of the invitees.
  4. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I certainly don't expect this but it is possible that either Cracknell or Jones comes into camp and really impresses. Both play C and both play the prototypical 4th liner stye. I also expect that there will be a few interesting waiver wire options once teams start trimming their fat. Calgary for example have Jooris, Shore, Grant, Byron and Granlund all vying the 4th line spot. Obviously some of those guys might play wing but some will have to go through waivers.
  5. [Potential] 2015-2016 Utica Roster

    Well since it has been bumped..... Shinkaruk Jones Grenier Gaunce Friesen Jensen Blomstrand Cassels Zalewski Bancks Labate Hamilton Fox Pedan Biega Hutton Fedun Cederholm Subban McEnemy Blain Bachman Cannata
  6. People here are comparing these contracts to guys who might of signed years ago s UFA's if you really want to see some comparables of Sbisa you need to look at guys who were resigned recently by their team going in the 23-27 age range. Sbisa signs 3 year 3.6 extension as a 25 year old. Russell signs 2 year extension as a 26 year old 2 years 2.6 million Dekeyser resigns 2 year as a 25 year old 2 years 2.187 Ryan ellis resigned at 2.5 over 4 years as a 23 year old Tyson Barrie resigned as a 23 year old 2 years 2.6 million All these players are better than Sbisa now and project to be better in the future and they were resigned for quite a bit less recently. Benning overpaid now and there is no justification for rushing into this deal, he would of had options in the summer to resign him.
  7. Anybody have much insight on Anthony Beauvillier ? I saw him in a game earlier this year against Halifax and he looked really good. I know he is on the small side (5'10", 181) but seems to have a really solid core and plays a pretty complete game, while having a very impressive offensive game. I know he has been listed early to mid 2nd on many lists, would he be worth picking if the nucks get recoup a pick in that range?
  8. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    While everything you say might be correct about his lack of defense, he might still end up being the best offensive player in this draft. Regardless of how his father might or might not be coddleing him, he was playing with men this year, something that cannot be undervalued and when he did play against his peers in the WJC -18 he dominated. He could well become a Filatov but nothing points to that being more likely than a Skinner IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if a team takes a chance on him in the top 5 and think if he is availible at 6 Benning and Co will have to take a long hard look at him.
  9. Canucks 2nd rounder 36th overall

    Goldobin or Kempe would be awesome if they slipped that far. Goldobin put up pretty impressive numbers on a bad Sarnia team and Kempe I believe is one of the youngest players in the draft, has decent size and looks like an impressive sleeper. I doubt Sanhiem is still around but if we get a late first he might be a guy to go after. David Pastrnak would be interesting as well, lots of skill or Eric Cornel as a safe pick.
  10. Bo Horvat Talk

    All the people complaing about Horvat in this thread will be the same people proclaiming whomever we pick in this draft as the next franchise player. Don't get too high, don't get too low....
  11. [Botchford] Kesler gave a list of 6 (revisited)

    I value Morin over Teravainen but I agree that it is probably not enough. I also think Shaw is an excellent all round player and only 22.
  12. [Botchford] Kesler gave a list of 6 (revisited)

    Kesler for TB- Drouin and Thompson (Shinkaruk included) CHI- Shaw, Bollig and Morin DET- Tatar and Helm COL- ROR rights, Elliott and Parenteau (Edler included) PIT- Maata and Bennett ANH- Bonino, Silfverberg and ANH 1st
  13. Dane Fox Talk

    This Fox should play in Utica and earn a callup if he can. If he turns out to be the next Palat great, but let him develop before heaping expectations on him.
  14. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Seems to be refering to Ehlers not Shinkaruk.
  15. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Its a highlight reel so it won't be focusing on his flaws so I don't know how you can claim he doesn't have any flaws. That said I think he is an interesting prospect who I would be happy to end up with and think you make a very good point about Kapanen and Nylander who could be in that second tier as well. I really think Ritchie would be a mistake where we will end up picking and would prefer the Canucks to go after some high end skill even if it means a smaller player. This is a strange year in that I could see someone picked at 17 or so still being the best player drafted.