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  1. been a canucks fan for 20 years.. most of my life. i live in london ontario, cant stand the leafs
  2. i honestly think if given the same minutes as monahan gets in calgary, he can definitely match his numbers. sky is the limit
  3. i'm actually ready to see him work on the pp with either Vrbata or the sedins. i think he's proven he's ready
  4. I feel like we'll see another side of Bo in the playoffs, and he'll move up in the lineup. He's a playoff performer. Trust me.
  5. he has an audi in london, i'm sure he'll upgrade soon lol
  6. i'm so glad I was right about Bo. I never doubted his success would come quick, he's starting to play his style
  7. future selke winner
  8. if we can't get Barzal, i'd love to get Konecny.. that's more realistic, and he's Bo's cousin so theres a natural chemistry there
  9. One person who benefitted from Bo not returning to London is Max Domi. He's grown as a leader and matured, whereas Bo was already that way. I think just being in the NHL and being in the locker room helps, being productive is a bonus and his game is growing
  10. Can't believe how much Bo has stepped up lately, with limited minutes. He's been amazing in the 200 ft game, clearly able to hang with the big guys if given a chance. It's exciting having him and our other prospects coming up. I said it when he was drafted, and i'll say it again, this is the type of player you win Stanley Cups with. Willie seems like he's putting alot more faith in him lately. I'm confident that by the end of this year, we'll see Bo get a try out on the 3rd or even 2nd line. Earn your minutes.
  11. that's the feeling a lot of have in London, many within the Knights have said that. He didn't need a C last year to be a leader. I think he'll be captain canuck by.. 26
  12. been working a lot more, haven't even been to many knights games lately... only like 3 this season. domi has played a totally different game without bo there
  13. i am excellent.. haven't been on here in awhile, but needed to give my 2 cents haha. so happy with his play
  14. .. told you he'd be good. type of player every team wants. He's ready.
  15. They've scored 52 goals in their last like.. 8 games haha. Slow start, then BOOM. I think Bo is staying, but if he comes back, London will beat out Erie.