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  1. Before Burrows played with the Sedins he was a third-liner. A third-liner wouldn't make $2M. Well, Bernier is getting $2M, but he's younger and has potential.
  2. Someone should keep this thread around for the next 4 years.
  3. Two Burrows moments stick out for me: 1. Game 5 vs. Anaheim, Ducks up 1-0 in the third, Canucks looking dead except for Luongo, then Burrows scores! Tie game, we go to OT, Canucks still mucking around until Luongo waves his arms and lets it in. Yeah I didn't think they would've won but Burrows and Luongo gave them that chance. 2. That game last year where the Oilers officially eliminated the Canucks. It was 2-0 in the third, then Burrows scores! Didn't matter anyway, but Burrows and Luongo gave them a chance.