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  1. How do other hockey fans view the Canucks?

    I live in Quebec and I always tell my friends and new people I am A DIE HARD CANUCKS FAN. My second team I root for for is MONTREAL. During the playoffs I saw people here that would choose to cheer for any team that is not Habs. I always thought that would be sacrilegious but the hate from years of being against one team and the build up far out weighs the general canadienness of a team. When asked about the canucks they said good team but they don't really think about them as they are in the west. Sedins always mentioned as great players but.... and the but varies from one person to the next. Some names come up that were on teams out here... webber etc but generally they knew very little about them. It is the same in BC when I was growing up there people knew other players but that was it, no allegiance to any particular team unless they were raised in a *insert team here* household. The hate that I see is fueled by the broadcasters. out here TSN is stuck in a TORONTO first then east and anything west that can threaten the stability of the east rising is bad. Other then that the only animosity is from our fans that say stupid things that add to that thinking.. riots 2011. even though other sports have that in canada that was one of, if not the worst displays. What i think is that if we start speaking more with positivity towards our team and get that message out then they will start to think differently too. Benning and Linden have been doing this lately but GMMG was closed off and didn't have the personality to help that cause. Maybe it just me in my beer goggoled view that I think we the fans can have an influence on what others think. "In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." Dalai Lama
  2. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Strombone ‏@strombone1 32s @eddielack @RyanMiller3039 don't fall for it..... ITS A TRAP!!!! Lou stills got it going hahaha
  3. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Eddie Lack ‏@eddielack 1m Hey @RyanMiller3039 I'm open for dinner:) #datenight lack taking it in stride
  4. [SIGNING] Hemsky to DALLAS

    so Alfredson is next right?
  5. [Signing] Leafs sign Stephane Robidas

    Retweeted by Hockey Central Chris Johnston ‏@reporterchris 1m Stephane Robidas gets $9M over three years from #leafs.
  6. [Signing] Wild sign Thomas Vanek

    Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 37sView translation Vanek deal includes a NTC
  7. [Signing] Wild sign Thomas Vanek

    Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 38sView translation As per @GMillerTSN , 3 years x $6.5 M AAV for Vanek with Minnesota
  8. [Signing] Wild sign Thomas Vanek

    Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin 54s Sounds like Vanek to the Leafs, 3 years. HAHAHA yup thats the tweet Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin 30s Can't type to fast on a day like this. Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin 49s Really, that was just an error:) Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin 59s Sorry, Vanek to the Wild, not the Leafs. Bad typing.
  9. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Shortly after arriving in Vancouver, Jim Benning and Trevor Linden took stock, and decided they had 99 problems, but a trustworthy starting goaltender wasn’t one. It’s a defensible conclusion: Eddie Lack probably has what it takes, but as the wheels fell off the Canucks’ bus last season and he was dropped into a situation where there was no one behind him and, really, no one in front of him either, he didn’t look good. Hence, Benning and Linden decided to target a goaltender at the draft, and again in free agency. In both instances, they got the biggest name available. At the draft, it was Boston College alumnus Thatcher Demko. In free agency, it was former St. Louis Blue nee Buffalo Sabre Ryan Miller. The Canucks have signed the netminder for 3 years at $18 million dollars. It’s important to note that he vaguely resembles Roberto Luongo, so this should be an easy transition. You might remember Ryan Miller from such incredible performances as the 2010 Olympics, when he backstopped Team USA to a silver medal, and very nearly a gold one. He was the standout goalie of that tournament, and at that time, was briefly believed by some to be the best goalie in the world. But that was four years ago. Since then, his numbers have notably fallen off. There are two ways to explain this: the first is that Miller isn’t particularly good anymore, at the age of 33. The second is that Miller was playing in the wretched confines of Buffalo, a team that’s tanking so hard you’d think they were playing Battle City. As Eddie Lack demonstrated last season, it’s tough to stop shots when your team is woefully ill-equipped to keep good ones to a minimum. Granted, Miller didn’t look much better in St. Louis, but he wasn’t there that long, the Blues didn’t play all that well down the stretch, and then they ran into the very good Chicago Blackhawks in round one of the playoffs. So it’s tough to read too much into his brief stint in Missouri. Either way, I don’t expect Miller to be a game-changer for the Canucks. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to be. Forget the money for a second. At $6 million a season, Miller is making much too much. That goes without saying. But the Canucks have the capspace to stomach it without hurting their ability to build for once, and 3 years isn’t too bad. It’s hardly twelve. More importantly, Miller/Lack is a better tandem than Lack/Markstrom, so the Canucks have improved. It’s that simple. Hopefully, this doesn’t relegate Lack to proper backup mode, however. I’d far rather the Canucks platooned the two guys, and let them work off each other. Hopefully both are amenable to such a setup.
  10. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Pass it to Bulis ‏@passittobulis 7s New #PITB! Canucks add Ryan Miller, who sort of looks like Roberto Luongo, so there’s that #Canucks
  11. Canucks close to signing Iginla (report)

    Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 28s COL, MIN, TB, VAN still in on Jarome Iginla.
  12. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Is there a NMC in his contract.... if not then great
  13. [SIGNING] Hemsky to DALLAS

    Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 40s Stars first line Benn-Seguin pairing. Second line Spezza-Hemsky pairing. Ok, goals anyone?
  14. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin 1m @RealKyper says Ryan Miller to VAN.
  15. [SIGNING] Hemsky to DALLAS

    Gene Principe ‏@GenePrincipe 3m Hearing Ales Hemsky to Dallas. No word on terms/dollars yet. If true back together with Spezza. Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 31s Ales Hemsky has agreed to terms with the Dallas Stars Elliotte Friedman ‏@FriedgeHNIC 37sView translation Hemsky is 3 yrs, $4M AAV in DAL