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  1. Hamhuis and Ballard flip a coin for number #2

    1. playstasian


      hamhuis said in a interview ballard and him will arm wrestle for it xD

    2. Venom52


      They better video tape it

  2. Gonna be a long summer, question is can we make the right changes?

  3. yo iam getting new pads for my bday maybe so i can play goalie if u guys come to oak park!

  4. [OFFICIAL] Some Free Sigs/Avatars v2.0

    Anybody got a free ovechkin sig
  5. [OFFICIAL] Some Free Sigs/Avatars v2.0

    ur Christobal huet was nice but iam lookin for a video sig
  6. [OFFICIAL] Some Free Sigs/Avatars v2.0

    can ya make me a mike rebeiro video sig?
  7. so ur a spezza fan too cool

  8. I agree Go Nuck Go

  9. Yo nice thing for luongo lolz

    Hey can you give me the website for thunderbirds hockey.

  10. just a big ottawa and canucks fan

    spezza is awesome tho

  11. no i am not spezza