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  1. Texas just clinched home field throughout the playoffs. Maybe that will be a break for us and Sox will rest a few guys the last couple games.
  2. This. Ya it sucks the way we got here, but the past 20 years prior to last year we would've all taken this situation for the Jays, that's all I meant by saying at least we are playing for something.
  3. It's the last weekend of the season and we are playing meaningful baseball. I'll take that.
  4. So how many of you drafted Josh Gordon and stashed him? Looks like he isn't coming back anytime soon.
  5. Lol, I didn't even notice it.
  6. Guess that play where Carrera slid off 2nd on the SB attempt hurt us more then it should have.
  7. Thats weird cuz so far I think I like this update better.
  8. And Yankees come back and win. Loss hurts a little more.
  9. Lol you guys need to relax. We are still in the drivers seat. We win a game and you guys all talk about what the rotation should be in the playoffs. We lose and its we won't win another game
  10. Redsox up 3-0 in bottom of 8. Looks like Back to back al east champs isn't gonna happen.
  11. Week 3 Awards: Stud of the Week-Marvin Jones- 35 points(Team Yaks) Dud of the Week- Kelvin Benjamin- 0 points(RomoSexual) Team of the Week- Calvin's Johnson- 173.5 points Least team of week- Team NPF- 112 points Smart Start of week- Tevin Coleman- 27.5 points(Team DANGeRUSS) Dumb move of the week- Terrell Pryor- 27 points(Team Yaks)
  12. Only being offered 1.5. Whats more important to him? The Money or the HOF
  13. If we play them at home I agree, but always be careful what you wish for.