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  1. is coming to Canada and will have NFL game pass, sunday ticket, red zone and NFL Network and all it will cost is $20/month or $150 for the year. That's such a great deal compared to the $300+ I paid last year.
  2. With Brian Campbell now retired and off the books the Anaheim Mighty Ducks are open for business. Picks and Prospects available.
  3. Geez. Bolsinger absolutely dealing right now
  4. @Nail can you please terminate the contract of the recently retired Brian Campbell. Thanks.
  5. So is he officially off the books for me now? Cuz if he is for sure then this is a great day.
  6. Hiring: The Minnesota Wild have hired @Baer. as an AGM. Please include him in any PM's. I haven't been as active lately so if you have any PM's you sent me please bump them and add Baer. Thanks guys.
  7. Looking for an AGM in fantasy hockey in CDC puck. Pm me if you want that job. 

  8. Bumping. Don't think I can do this on my own.
  9. I don't know if this is the best place for it, but I am looking for an AGM. Holla back if you want to or know if anyone
  10. Is there a way to sort it from best to worst? On mobile too
  11. Where do we find the free agent list?
  12. The Anaheim Ducks send down William Carrier and Scott Harrington.
  13. The Ducks are excited to bring in Mike Hoffman. Rumor has it that the Ducks were also in the running right to the end to sign Kevin Shattenkirk. It will be interesting to see what way the lean now after losing out on him.