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  1. Ya ive been watching it. Not Hard Knocks, but was watching All Access: Quest for the Stanley Cup. A couple of my fav lines were: Backes to Thornton: "Your a waste of a human being" Vlasic and Shattenkirk- "You want to borrow some of my hair to put on top of your head?" "You want to borrow some of my skills?"
  2. A decent day for JD
  3. Lol. Disaster in the outfield. Thole with 2 hits.
  4. This quote is from a friend who lives in the NE area. I have no idea what he's basing this on but thought it was interesting.
  5. Well the good news is we don't have to face bottom feeder teams in the playoffs.
  6. To all those that use streaming services what is your data plan like? What's your ISP? I am thinking of getting an android box for Kodi. Just wondering what's the best one for a good price? I don't really want to go over $150
  7. Lol I was kidding. I was just trying to sound like a "the sky is falling" fan when they lose.
  8. Nats almost pull off the huge comeback but fall short, but seriously Nats you gotta be better. Just gotta hope the Rays can beat the Sox. Otherwise we can pretty much right off the season.
  9. Sox, O's, Astros won and M's lead so not a good day for the Jays on the OOT scoreboard. O's caught a break as Strasburg was scratched from his start and the Nats had to start a rookie. We are finally tied in GP with the sox and O's though. Jays 70-54 Sox 70-54 O's 68-56
  10. I could possibly maybe return as an AGM and see if things might work out. If anyone needs one of course.
  11. Except now the Canucks are the Angels and Twins in this case.
  12. Well this next week we play the 2 worst teams in the AL before we play the 0's next Monday. Angels and Twins. 6-0 or 5-1 is the only acceptable options here. O's open up a 4 game series against the Nationals on the road so they will be in tough then and then a 3 game set against the Yankees also on the road. Sox play 4 against Tampa and 3 against KC. KC is rolling right now and let's just hope the Rays can play spoiler.
  13. I wish I could, I just feel i wouldn't be active enough.