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  1. The Wild may or may not have just acquired their starting goalie. Stay tuned.
  2. Interested to see what happens when my next trade gets posted....
  3. For the record I pick up Forbort in my hockey pool my friends earlier in the year and he's been good for me(hits, blocks)
  4. I totally agree with this statement.
  5. I'll worry about the loss of thistrade in 3-4 years when McAvoy and Cholowski are finally breaking in. In the meantime Montour is up and coming this year and should be a regular next season and Maatta will be fine.
  6. Well I didn't leave CDC, just took about a year off of fantasy.
  7. Welcome back. Didn't know you left. I've made a return too.
  8. People going crazy over IT tweet cuz he did the exact same thing right before Al Horford was traded there.
  9. Lol. Stupid iPhone.
  10. The Wild have been getting lots of calls on Filip Forsberg, David Pastrnak and to a lesser extent Brandon Saad. The Wild are leaning towards keeping these players unless we get better offers then we already received. Jeff Carter, Andrew Ladd, Nicklaus Hjalmarsson are some players that can be had though.
  11. Anaheim Ducks might be taking Vincent Trochek off the trade block
  12. Just noticed this trade has been updated on pickup or spreadsheet.
  13. Minnesota Wild are officially #teamtank
  14. Lol I just clued in that the All-Star game was in New Orleans.