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  1. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Ya but then he doesn't end up sitting out and I'm on the hook for that 8.4 million.
  2. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Well rumor has it that Ryan Kesler might sit out the whole 2018-19 season.
  3. CDC Dynasty League

    Not sure if that link will still work but here's another one I really would like people to join so we can do the draft on there as well. 3 of us in so far.
  4. NBA Discussion

    So Chris Paul will miss game 6. Didn't really need that.
  5. CDC Dynasty League

    Hey guys I want to try out slack chat for this league. Since we have a few teams in the league that aren't on CDC it might help with trade talks and stuff. It's pretty much the same teams making trades, with money on the line now I am hoping that trade activity will increase. I know i tried discord but it seems no one went on, but hoping this will make the league more interactive. We don't need people posting in there all the time if they don't want just want to make it easier if you want to discuss a trade besides just sending a proposal and not here reasoning as to why. Also be helpful for the draft. Any ways heres the link: @Van40 @Madness @NucksPatsFan @Tony Romo @King Heffy @diesel_3
  6. NBA Discussion

    CP3's health will be huge obviously.
  7. With the 21st pick in the 2018 NHL entry draft the Anaheim Ducks are pleased to select: Rasmus Kupari @Squeak
  8. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Just leaving for work now and will probably keep the pick, but if anyone wants to send offers for it feel free and i will decide what to do when I get home from work(between 3:00-4:00)
  9. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    Well I had wondered if Hellebuyck would fall to 16. Guess I was way off on that.
  10. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    I know im in the minority and for no real reason besides maybe the Crosby vs Ovechkin debate I want to see Ovechkin go cupless his entire career. Also can't stand the fact that a first year franchise is in the finals. Makes the league look bush.
  11. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    I'm more invested in these finals then I am the real NHL finals. Hope both teams find a way to lose and Tampa wins the cup by default.
  12. CDC Dynasty League

    We have a trade to announce: To Team DANGeRUSS: Kenyan Drake Brandin Cooks Corey Coleman 5.10 To Team Jiggs: Joe Mixon Alex Collins 4.6
  13. CDC Dynasty League

    We have a trade to announce To Hernandez Hitman: Ryan Tannehill 3.10 To Dream Team Evan Engram
  14. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    Wow. Not much of a surprise I guess.
  15. CDC Dynasty League

    I'd take Engram but don't have a 2nd round pick and don't wanna give up a 1st.