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  1. Holy crap what a finish.
  2. Holy Devin Booker went bonkers. 70 points. Youngest player ever to score at least 60.
  3. What's up with the owner?
  4. Anyone else gonna do this? Similar to March Madness. It's on office pools.
  5. Never saw that head butt before. That's sneaky dirty. That's Marchand level right there.
  6. There's quite a few who think it was a dirty elbow actually. But the people who say it's clean are out to lunch. You know for sure if that was a Canuck who did that they would say he should be done for the rest of the year, but since it's their golden boy it was just a hard hockey play.
  7. Northwestern gave Gonzaga a little scare, but the Bulldogs held on.
  8. I got wwe on demand on my kodi and all my wrestling childhood memories are coming back. I haven't paid too much attention to wrestling in the past 10 years or so but absolutely loved wwf from the mid to late 80's Til late 90's early 2000's. Tons of people that I totally forgot about. Like right now I'm watching Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Gold dust and I forgot about Marlena + many others.
  9. Was just gonna ask what is the record for most points in a night?
  10. This was taken from our friends over at cal puck.
  11. Finally got my first game wrong when VCU couldn't beat Saint Mary's.
  12. Fisher Davis with a boneheaded foul pretty much lost his team the game.
  13. I had it before with RGMG, but there would be thousands of messages and I couldn't keep up.
  14. What happened to the good old tinychat days?
  15. Created an open group called CDC Madness on ESPN. Join in if you liked too