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  1. Not over yet but Dodgers/Astros is the World Series we wanted heading into the playoffs. I say Dodgers in 6
  2. late on this, but just watched Shane Mac vs Kevin Owens match from hell in a cell.. Pretty impressive.
  3. Find the thing that doesn't fit....
  4. Ducks are looking to add quality depth to their roster. If you have guys that produce now in the NHL and are willing to unload that get at me. Can give up picks and prospects if the price is worth it.
  5. Anton Khudobin now the #1 in Anaheim.
  6. I'd play.
  7. I'd love to see STHS come back with website and all.
  8. Playoffs are a long shot for me this year so I am open to making some trades. The following players are on the block Mark Ingram Rishard Matthews DeMarco Murray Eric Ebron Delanie Walker Duke Johnson Tevin Coleman The rest aren't untouchable, but not really looking to trade them unless something peaks my interest. I would obviously be looking for young players and picks
  9. Chaput time baby!!!
  10. Yooo
  11. Dolphins over Falcons and Giants over Broncos too
  12. Was wondering the same thing. Could Andy Reid have challenged that?
  13. Ducks place Nino Niederreitter on IR. @Nail
  14. Avs open.
  15. Good luck and hope everything works out for you. Always will have those memories of STHS