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  1. Guess Taylor will take over or Wright then.
  2. Ya Matt Harmon on twitter was really praising Godwin. He had him ahead of Mike Williams, so I was intrigued by him. Didn't think the Titans were gonna go WR after taking Davis, but when they did i was hoping it would be Godwin.
  3. Is Taywan Taylor over Chris Godwin the right choice for the Titans? @Chip Kelly @ReggieBush
  4. Eagles take Sidney Jones with the 53rd pick apparently.
  5. I didn't notice it as much as in past years. Unless I want following the right people.
  6. Adoree Jackson eh? Don't know much about this guy, but the feeble Titans fans I follow on twitter are pretty ecstatic about this pick.
  7. Titans gotta face Ramsay and now Hooker
  8. Malik Hooker out there.
  9. That was an obvious pick for the Saints.
  10. Titans needed a player like Davis, but I was hoping he would be there at 18. Wanted Jamal adams at 5,
  11. I don't get any games unless it's on ABC. I had NBA league pass but all games are blacked out in playoffs.
  12. I almost feel that I should start a thread dedicated to Eric Thames.
  13. Cavs down 25 to the Pacers and LeBron just says I got this guys and goes and dominates. Cavs down 3-1 to the Warriors and LeBron just goes into beast mode.
  14. I totally forgot you were a Leafs you suck
  15. Open spot in our CDC fantasy football dynasty league if youre interested. I believe we are going into our 4th year now.

    1. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      I'd join if I had the extra time. Last time I played fantasy I kept forgetting to set my lineup. I find I have less stress and anxiety watching when I don't have money or potential fantasy pints on a game. Lol