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  1. Nice game for Dede Westbrook today.
  2. Looking forward to starting my career with the Ducks. Also welcome to the team @Jaku
  3. Would there be interest if I started an NHL auction keeper league using the ESPN platform?

  4. The newest Mighty Duck
  5. Pretty impressive scouting report for my guy. A more talented Kyle Turris with a bigger frame. Also Blackhawks showing interest.
  6. I agree with Kinsler. Hernandez is terrible and always tries to make it about him.
  7. Inn using it and so far no complaints at all. No lagging, qualities been great.
  8. We have a trade to announce: To Nail: Tyler Eifert Jay Ajayi Seahawks D/ST Tom Savage Mike Wallace To Jiggs Philip Rivers Eddie Lacy Jamaal Charles Packers D/St Gary Barnidge
  9. Ohh. Ya you need a QB. Can't help you out though as I only have Mariota, Wilson and Kaepernick
  10. The rich getting richer. Golladay with a nice TD catch just now. Make that 2 TDs
  11. Heard on a podcast that had some Dallas beat reporters that they believe Jerry Jones gave more money to Room's CBS contract just so he wouldn't go to denver/Houston. Also they believed that after a few weeks Romo will realize that he misses it and will attempt a comeback.
  12. Ya I've been the same way. Blackmon has become one of my fav players to watch and been watching Rockies games more often. Plus I'm in fantasy leagues so just try and watch games with my players in it.
  13. We all know who is first on the cap yourself all that time and just click on Anaheim.
  14. First name: Hingle Last name: McCringleberry Dob : (mm/dd) 08/13 Place of Birth: Burnaby Nationality: Canada Second Nationality (Optional) Primary Position: C Player Type (Pick One) For Forwards: playmaker(Finesse) Secondary Position: LW Height (cm): 185 Weight (Kg): 70 Handedness: Left Jersey Number: 18 Junior Preference: College Starting team: Role Offensive 17 Defensive 10 Points Available: Staff Attributes Adaptability: 19 Ambition: 10 Determination: 21 Loyalty: 2 Pressure: 18 Professionalism: 1 Sportsmanship: 3 Temperment: 1 Points Available: Technical Attributes Deflections: 6 Deking: 9 Faceoffs: 6 Movement: 7 Passing: 10 Pokecheck: 4 Positioning: 8 Slapshot: 4 Stickhandling: 8 Wristshot: 8 Points Available: Physical Attrbutes Acceleration:9 Agility 10 Balance: 9 Speed: 14 Stamina: 8 Strength: 7 Hitting: 7 Fighting: 1 Points Available: Mental Attributes Aggression: 1 Agitation: 1 Anticipation: 20 Bravery: 1 Consistency: 10 Creativity: 13 Dirtiness: 1 Flair: 10 Important Matches: 17 Leadership: 1 Morale: 1 Teamwork 17 Versatility 10 Workrate: 17 Points Available: Pass Tendency (1 is Never Pass, 20 is Always Pass) :14
  15. I'll play this one if space