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  1. Didn't realize Dennis Green passed away. RIP "The Bears are who we thought they were and we let Em off the hook"
  2. I just ask now in case trades happen and people want to trade a 4th or 5th.
  3. Gabriel Landeskog @Nail
  4. What I don't get is he is on his phone cuz he's using Kik. Why can't he just post his pick here?
  5. Kik was setup to use in RGMG instead of using tinychat. Also im just out now and will have my pick in a few hours or less
  6. Stranger Things is basically the reason why I started this thread.
  7. Did you ever see the UK version? If not, then don't it's not good. They just got 4 random people who didn't know each other and they had no chemistry. What makes the show so good is because they have all known each other since they were kids and can feed off each other.
  8. Yes!!! absolutley love this show. Pretty much has me in tears each episode
  9. So just gotta walk around and hope Pokemon pop up?
  10. I enjoyed this show, but for some reason I stopped watching it and now I have no idea where I left off. I believe it was in season 4 somewhere. Does it still hold up the rest of the way?
  11. Should next years draft be 5 or 6 rounds? Next year we will be doing drops before the rookie draft and you will be able to draft vets instead of rookies if you want
  12. Oh so those PokeStops are just to collect items, like PokeBalls, eggs etc? It doesn't actually mean Pokemon will be there?
  13. Similar to the Rate the last movie you saw thread, but instead with TV shows. Of course you don't have to rate the shows you just watched. It's more of a let people know what shows you would recommend they watch. We don't need to make this a top tv show thread or anything either. Also most people here know of certain shows such as Game of Thrones, breaking bad and Seinfeld so you don't need to recommend those ones. This thread could also be used to discuss shows that don't really deserve its own thread. Basically the reason I started this thread is because I just binged watched Stranger Things on Netflix and I obviously enjoyed it. The 3rd season of Power started Sunday, really enjoyed 1 and 2, so look forward to this one. Narcos season 2 is coming out Sept 2
  14. Redsox prospect Michael Kopech threw 105mph the other day.
  15. I'm still not sure exactly how this game works, last night I went to a place that was a pokestop, but nothing showed up. Someone said you have to lure them or other people do that. I'm not exactly sure what that is and how it works. Could someone explain?