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  1. Yea wasn't a pretty last 10 mins. Ericksson did well facing a lot of bodies and chances late in the game. Overall we started excellent and looked like a well oiled machine up until midway thru the 2nd where we seemed to just back off (playing it safe?) and let their forwards come at us. We had chances to finish them off (O'Riley on a breakaway) but was impressed with the teams mental/physical toughness and PK in the 3rd period.
  2. Eriksson has been better than the Box score would indicate. Not a stellar game but one breakaway goal against and 2 times passes from behind the net to guys not tired up in front. His bad play has been his stickhandling. He's turned it over 3 times behind his own net tonight. Utica just hanging on here in the 3rd.
  3. 5-4 now. Flames coming on strong but now take a tripping pen. Utica to the PP late in the 2nd.
  4. Great Stretch pass on a PP. Lets Van Brabant in alone and he beats Eriksson. 5-3
  5. Game starting to get chippy after the whistles. Still 9min left in the 2nd. Eriksson looking good in net although got caught looking the wrong way behind the net when Flames scored their 2nd earlier.
  6. I'm watching a stream and haven't seen Horvat so I assume he's not dressed for tonight. Comets look good overall but it's a fairly open game. Lot's of 3 on 2 2 on 1 action. 5-2 now.
  7. Thanks for the profile view. :)