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  1. What are you listening to?

    I appear missing - QOTSA This might be the only song I listened to today. Been haunting my nightmares lately.
  2. How Much?

    Normally it's just sour grapes when the referees are blamed after a loss but I certainly have to agree with you here. It wasn't just the fact that the flames ran around slashing sticks and taking cheaps un-called but what irked me the most was the boarding call on Glass after he himself was the victim of a boarding non-call moments earlier. Refs lost all credibility with me after that call. Quite frankly if I was a referee I would have startwed penalizing that goof Phaneuf for taking advantage of my good intentions of putting the whistle away to allow the players to play and determine the game themselves with out all the BS obstruction, make up, and phantom calls. Walkom and McCreary got played by the Flames. Embarassing really.