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  1. Too late.

    I already did.


  2. I will set you on fire.

  3. I'll run you over. Martell Mallet style.

    now SUCK ME OFF!

  4. Screw you, I can drive faster then you can run big boy.

  5. You crap in my locker!? AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ill fracking kill you. run little guy. run. and i mean run fast. real fast.

  6. Sorry for hitting you in the face with a quarter and making you angry....and taking a crap in your locker after school....SUPRISE =D

  7. thats how i like it ;)

  8. My head is located on my gallus domesticus

  9. How's canadian tire treatin ya?

  10. *rubs head*

    good dog!! :)

  11. Break the pickle...TICKLE TICKLE

  12. boats and hoes?

  13. Anyone wants an invite to HFboards PM me.. (their registration is by invite now)