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  1. Holland Kampioen 2008 ;)! How are you?

  2. THX! How is Utrecht doing?

    Oberhausen is 1st in the 3rd Divisiin.

  3. I´m done. Passed my Exam :)

  4. Hey, nice to see that you are Still Alive! :)

    I was bored about The GermanCanuck but i think about to re-change it into TGC or so. I got my "Paramedic" Examination Today.

  5. greets from germany. are you busy or something?

  6. Merry Christmas! i really hope that u are ok!

  7. hey. are u dead? i hope not.

  8. Are you ok??? How is Utrcht doing??? Oberhausen is on a winning Streak! :D

  9. I´m back! how is utrecht doing??? Oberhausen is doing well. maybe we get the new 3rd division! greets!

  10. hey. he was banned for posting something that was inappropriate according to forum standards (I looked at it and it wasn't too bad but oh well lol). so he didn't get a permanent ban. he'll be back shortly :)