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  1. I got a warning once talking about JVs partying and off ice shenanigans. I was told it was salacious gossip and would be an offence to speak of it. This is when he was coming in out of shape. Is it cool now? lol
  2. I think OJ will be the next Tanev for the Canucks. If he can stay healthy and crack the lineup. That's how I see him in the NHL.
  3. Sutter usually looks like he hasn't slept in weeks. Maybe other teams will give him a wide berth and he becomes Chris Kontos!!
  4. Dude, I'd certainly fist bump my cat and would be stoked but and OT cup clinching goal in silence would be weird.
  5. The disappointment comes for me knowing that if they return it will be to empty arenas. Just imagine winning the Stanley Cup inside a mausoleum.
  6. There will be no live audience professional sports, international tourism, gatherings of more than 50 people (except in big stores), conventions or large concerts until either a COVID-19 vaccine is found, broad treatment is available or herd immunity is developed, the B.C. government revealed today.