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  1. Happy Birthday, Thomas Vanek!

    Vanek was a great signing by JB anyway you slice it.
  2. What is your team and your role?

    Preds fan favorite.
  3. World would be better without conflict.
  4. Draft picks are the only thing that would make sense from the Hawks IMO.
  5. Raddysh and Cirelli from Tampa would be solid as the core to a deal.
  6. Tanev could put Tampa over the top. Edler would be a decent addition as would Gudbranson. Personally I would try and sign Guddy.
  7. Tampa is a better trade partner than Toronto
  8. Hutton's value is at an all time low. He will rebound.
  9. Lets wait a few months, shall we?
  10. Sort of takes the piss out of it when the best of the best are not there.