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  1. We miss you around here.

    Hope all is well.

  2. I miss you my friend...I hope everything is going okay for you.

  3. Hey GeeNo, how's it going?

  4. Dear GeeNo,

    There are rumours afloat that you are UncleBob's alter ego, are they true?



  5. holy crap you have over 14 hundred posts in the god thread!1

  6. You're really 62?


  7. are you really 62? holy sh*t

  8. OMG Snow?

    What a stupid town this is. 4 inches of snow and the whole place is 'froze' as in gridlock everywhere.
  9. OMG Snow?

    I'd thnk they'd have that hill plowed. If not, then a 25 minute hike Great signature... The shadow knows for sure! Hey I listened to that when I was a kid.
  10. OMG Snow?

    3 GHz but someone with an older one will have a prob with that. I try to keep them under 500 x 300 . Remember that there are some here who are still on dialup
  11. OMG Snow?

    Ridge Meadows has about 5 cm of snow. Snowing lightly now. Powell River has about a fifth the annual precipitation that we have, therefore less snowfall. (You get maybe 18 inches of rain a year)
  12. OMG Snow?

    TOO big an image..
  13. OMG Snow?

    Screw the 'big guy' Go home. They gonna fire all of you? It isn't easy to find good help any more