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  1. Would it really be considered camping if your defending an area with your team that the other team constantly rushes? Not in my opinion. I define camping as staying in one spot for a while even if no enemies are coming lol. So in my opinion your ok lol
  2. haha it mainly depends on the map lol.
  3. Thats pretty awesome lol. Looks kind of like a movie trailer. I would go see it
  4. Hah now I can put a User name to the GamerTag....I know lame right? But yeah as you probably guessed I can use some polishing on my skill (or lack thereof) lol. I am very streaky
  5. I finally took the leap of faith and prestiged...I expected to take forever to get back to a decent level but in about 3 or 4 games im at level 8. First time ever prestiging so I was surprised at the extra create a class slot and other stuff. I forgot how powerful and good some of the starting guns are. Famas for example is my new favorite gun right now lol. Its powerful and accurate. Getting my killstreaks like mad now lol
  6. Are you fatality?
  7. Just played my most annoying game. I was playing TDM and I joined part way in. and everytime the other team got a pred missile my team would bunch together like a bunch of idiots...grr
  8. Ok sounds good. You do the same. Although im rarley in parties anyways lol.
  9. Oh I see what your saying haha sorry about that
  10. I could be wrong but isnt there already a spot for Domination and a seperate one for TDM? Or am I not even close to what you were saying?
  11. Dang internet made me post a bunch...im sorry
  12. Sorry double post
  13. Anderson
  14. Didnt think it would be that easy.
  15. I got one..might be a little hard