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  1. Making sure he doesn’t get hurt with a trade incoming?! Jk no one will trade for that bum
  2. Baer had a couple gritty shifts with some good scoring chances . That one shot where Petey almost scored off the rebound was vintage Sven. Loui on the other hand... Saying he’s checked out is an understatement. Please just sit him and never play him over Gaudette again Travis.
  3. Big win for Detroit, Steve Yzerman always making smart moves.. Fabbri will fit in well with Larkin and Bertuzzi.
  4. I believe Buff in this situation. Teams around the league will do whatever it takes to cover their tracks when it comes to spending any money they don’t need to. Sounds like Winnipeg is trying to use that exit physical against him as a legality when everyone knew he was playing injured in the playoffs last year. Great way to make a locker room cancer Jets! Beg your star to take a leave instead of retire then do this to him when he gets surgery?
  5. The Detroit FS side of the stream caught my hat on the ice for Bo’s hatty! Whata game, the fans were leaving so fast mid third haha i was second row near Detroit’s blueline IMG_5260.MP4
  6. Golden was necessary as the London Knights of the OHL have trademarked the 'Knights' name. I wish it was LVK though to honest.
  7. Please no to Zaitsev .. dude got overpaid and now we are supposed to take that awful contract off of Dubas’ hands? No thanks
  8. I agree with this sentiment but AV did have the twins and Luongo in their primes, as well as beast mode Kesler... Would be hard to set those records again for any coach in Canuck land after the talent he had to work with.
  9. Love you VC, glad you're still going strong (through thick n thin) on the forums! <3

  10. canuck champs caught you

  11. Man.. Seen Cody Hodgson lately?

  12. Lol thanks, love your username..

  13. LOL No problem.. Ty for the same :)

  14. Thanks for the profile view.