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  1. Honestly the refs are to blame here and it's sad. They gave us a 2 man advantage late in the first after Zajac's was hit, and even if it wasn't a penalty the guys laying on the ice bleeding n his teammate jumps in give them 1 penalty. Not 2, the 2 was just not justified, as they could of called 1 on us to go 2 off for New Jersey 1 off for us.. That would of made sense. This causes blood to boil and they don't handle any call properly, not letting guys go when they tried twice, not jumping in properly on the scuffles esp that one where Burrows got an extra minor, who the hell is reffing this game.
  2. Love you VC, glad you're still going strong (through thick n thin) on the forums! <3

  3. Yes this is the life of a Nucks fan right now Sad times
  4. This is heating up, whata goof Lucic is haha Good scrap Kassian's mouth got him into that .. held his own but good thing he had a helmet on or he woulda been hospitalized at the end of that lol
  5. Guys got guts goin' down to block a shot like that out of position. Early regular season game, playing like he is in playoffs, true player right there.
  6. Marner had a big big smile after he took that PP negating roughing call by hitting the Finnish player in the face during a scrum, literally right after his teammate just drew a penalty 5 feet away from him. But he scored 2 Gs so no one cares right? The whole team was undisciplined beyond all belief. In International play rules, and reffing, are much different and Canadian teams in the past have had issues with it but adjust as well as they can with the weak sauce calls going left and right. This team refused to adjust Also Lowry not pulling Blackwood after the 4th, 5th, and even 6th goal against is unreal. Finland coach pulls after 3 and it changed everything. Kid came in and made some huge stops, playing like a Grant Fuhr.
  7. First goal Blackwood gave up was brutal.. How does Lowry not pull him after the weak 4th goal (maybe it was the 3rd one) where he never hugged his post, so soft. Virtanen's hissy fit n benching was epic, made me real sad at Canada's lack of disipline all game long. 9 penalties 3 negated PP calls going our way and Marners last penalty was amazing.. Oh we are about to get a PP with 3 mins to go? I BETTER JAB THIS FINNISH FLOPPER IN THE FACE SO I CAN MAKE IT 4 ON 4 N TAKE AWAY MY CHANCE AT TYING THE GAME WITH A HATTRICK ON THE PP LOL! Lucky Blackwood, Hickey and Virtanen all had worse games. Or else he'd be an easy scapegoat.
  8. Yes but that often involves players on large contracts.. Zack is done in the NHL, at least for this season.
  9. He cleared waivers.. No trade incoming lol
  10. I was looking for his AHL stats a couple days ago.. Guess he is not only really low on Bergevin's pecking order, but completely off it now.
  11. What are the odds of that.. Tampa 2.5% n even Anaheim haha.. Only ran it 8 times
  12. 3-2 Nucks, Horvat with 2
  13. How about Hutton? Not even a question with him, what a stud.