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  1. 2.5 million per season... 7.5 mill for three years of this guy? What a great signing he has been developing nicely for CBJ, taking off esp last year.
  2. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign Tyler Ennis

    Gardiner more like a gardener vs Boston round 1.. DeBrusk made him his lil b Honestly this is a good signing though cause Nylander for Tanev haha, in all seriousness though Ennis on a “show me it’s not a fluke” deal and I think he’s definitely worth more just not what he was making before, was way overpaid I’d of bought him out too!
  3. Gonna miss those slap shots... Of all the vets we signed last year Vanek showed up the most, which wasn’t much of surprise considering Gagner’s - cash in to float - contract.
  4. Luc Bourdon's Potential

    What is this disrespectful thread still doing up here
  5. Captain Bo or Typo?

    You're trolling right? Edler* is on his way out, no way he gets the C since he isn't apart of the long term future.. Also I would bet my left nut we don't name another Swedish player captain, after Naslund and Sedin it's time for a tough grinder type Capt. not soft finesse. For that reason and the fact Eriksson has been a disaster signing, he definitely won't be getting a C on his chest. Gudbranson hasn't been here long enough to get it either but would be a better choice than Edler/Eriksson. Tanev I like a lot but from the sounds of things it doesn't look like he'll be here much longer since he could get us a nice return and he's definitely being shopped around, not the type of things you hear about a possible future captain. my money's on Bo, but I wouldn't mind Sutter as a stop gap until Boeser gets older and take over if Bo isn't still in the running.
  6. It's hard not to get sentimental about it but thank god for the youth movement and the future. It didn't need to be stalled by another year just for a farewell season, which this city loves to do, instead of making the hard decisions, without heart strings attached, that are best for the teams future chances of winning a Stanley Cup. Good on them for not delaying the Canucks as a franchise for the sake of a couple million more dollars, and more importantly, as they pointed out, invaluable time lost with family.
  7. FTFY So tired of this fanbase saying they are glad we didn't pick him, and chose Juolevi instead. I don't care if you don't like him as a Flame, but if he was a Canuck, you'd love him like a Burrows. Gets under players skin and the kid can score, and won at every level.. Put the Knights on his back and we let Calgary steal him at #6.. Imagine Tkachuk, Boeser, Horvat up front.. Come on
  8. [Waivers] Jason Garrison

    you mean Reinhart went 2nd overall in 14'... How do people upvote this misinformation so easily.
  9. [Waivers] Jason Garrison

    "nothing but a bust" ... Are you joking? His "regression" was missing 13 games on a worse Ice squad? 2010-11 Kootenay Ice WHL 4 2 0 2 0 4 7 0 0 0 0 2011-12 Kootenay Ice WHL 67 28 34 62 2 16 4 1 1 2 0 2012-13 Kootenay Ice WHL 72 35 50 85 22 8 5 0 1 1 4 2013-14 Kootenay Ice WHL 60 36 69 105 11 24 13 6 17 23 2 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres NHL 9 0 1 1 2 -1 -- -- -- -- -- 2014-15 Kootenay Ice WHL 47 19 46 65 20 6 7 6 3 9 8 2014-15 Rochester Americans AHL 3 0 3 3 0 0 -- -- -- -- -- 2015-16 Buffalo Sabres NHL 79 23 19 42 8 -8 -- -- -- -- -- 2016-17 Buffalo Sabres NHL 79 17 30 47 8 -11 -- -- -- -- -- 2017-18 Buffalo Sabres NHL 11 2 1 3 0 -7
  10. Kevin Bieksa one punch, miss him.

    #2 all day Gudas is such a dirty slime ball.. Few people are worse than that joke of a player.
  11. Good for him, glad someone picked him up, he's a serviceable 4th liner
  12. The night after the kid scores a hat trick vs the Lightning... We'll see about that one.
  13. [Signing] Dwight King signs in KHL

    Are you insinuating that Tay could fight? :/
  14. (Signing) VGK re-sign Nate Schmidt

    First case to go to arbitration since 2015? Is that correct? Surprising if true. So many players have a avoiding it recently.
  15. [Report] Kevin Klein announces retirement

    Only 32 years old too, leaving 2.9 million on the table in his final year of a 5-year contract. Strange circumstances as there must be more to this/personal reasons for leaving money on the table like that.