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  1. Yea just what we need to go along with our team Euro softness! Put him with the twins and we are set for a playoff *** whooping!
  2. Aw, Edmonton has a former Canuck legend too - 'Kassi-wing' promo
  3. Omg I use to own that ! Memories , sad , haunting , dark , trauma inducing memories...
  4. Is this real life? Only CDC thinks Nylander could be fetched for Tanev.. Toronto wouldn't even trade him for Tanev + two first round picks let alone straight up. We could of just drafted him or Larkin or Ehlers or Fiala etc. but no let's draft Jake Virtanen the local boy!!! Also, lets draft Juolevi over Tkachuk! Thought Benning was a "scout" first?
  5. Remember when Philly tried to offer-sheet Kesler and we had to match? Some people on here were rattled and didn't think he was worth the inflated salary at the time. If we never signed him, and let it him go to Philadelphia, then he would of been more hated than Lucic lol
  6. Washed up in your vernacular? Apparently not.. Young team + young coach who has been coaching our AHL farm, A.K.A. the FUTURE?!
  7. Not bare knuckles so that's perfectly fine right?! Screw the league/American bias
  8. Ya he's be second in team scoring on Canucks just behind Bo... Anyone who is actually happy we passed on him needs to check themselves .. typical Vancouver fandom reaction.. kid had 40 points n won the memorial cup , scoring the game winner.. Juolevi better be a Lidstrom in the making
  9. Matthew Tkachuk would be 2nd in team scoring, 1 point behind Bo for scoring lead right now if he were a Canuck. Now obviously he has done that in the Flames system, not ours, but even with our sad 2016-17 roster, plus Willie D benching/mishandling him/etc. he still would of had a solid rookie year with whoever was lucky enough to draft him. How good would Horvat and Tkachuk look together.......... No way Juolevi can amount to him, he's no Lidstrom in the making Benning/Linden... Sigh
  10. This is what the Canucks management should be saying "Please Hockey Gods, I know we messed up HUGE by not drafting Tkachuk last year, but now we'll at least do something half decent by exposing Sbisa for the expansion draft." Please please please please let this be the case, OP is right, he's absolutely dreadful out there every night... How has Willie D neglected to mention him... EVER!
  11. Good ol' London Ontario boy, Don Cherry needs to do a real deep look into Horvat.
  12. Luc Bourdon dying was the worst.. Had we made the playoffs that year he wouldn't of been back home riding his first motorcycle when he was .. still would of been in Vancouver with the Canucks and all else could of been much much different. Hamhuis injury in final on Lucic hit n Rome suspension etc all hurt our D in the finals.... Luc on our core would of been the difference maker for sure... sigh.. dude was our Kris Letang
  13. Most spot on comment in a long while, well put Chaput and Megna aint got no Skille
  14. Too bad it won't be that easy as the London Knights have copyright of that name already in the OHL lol