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  1. Are you insinuating that Tay could fight? :/
  2. First case to go to arbitration since 2015? Is that correct? Surprising if true. So many players have a avoiding it recently.
  3. Only 32 years old too, leaving 2.9 million on the table in his final year of a 5-year contract. Strange circumstances as there must be more to this/personal reasons for leaving money on the table like that.
  4. James Cybulski , wow, didn't expect to see him doing that either.
  5. Yeah and don't forget Scotty Gomez signed the same day as Chris Drury in NY.. 7 yrs 51.5 million , Rags will never learn.
  6. Eaves getting hurt really put the nail in the Ducks coffin. Nice big payday 1 mil x 1 yr to 3.15 x 3 yrs mil
  7. Yea just what we need to go along with our team Euro softness! Put him with the twins and we are set for a playoff *** whooping!
  8. Aw, Edmonton has a former Canuck legend too - 'Kassi-wing' promo
  9. Omg I use to own that ! Memories , sad , haunting , dark , trauma inducing memories...
  10. Is this real life? Only CDC thinks Nylander could be fetched for Tanev.. Toronto wouldn't even trade him for Tanev + two first round picks let alone straight up. We could of just drafted him or Larkin or Ehlers or Fiala etc. but no let's draft Jake Virtanen the local boy!!! Also, lets draft Juolevi over Tkachuk! Thought Benning was a "scout" first?
  11. Remember when Philly tried to offer-sheet Kesler and we had to match? Some people on here were rattled and didn't think he was worth the inflated salary at the time. If we never signed him, and let it him go to Philadelphia, then he would of been more hated than Lucic lol
  12. Washed up in your vernacular? Apparently not.. Young team + young coach who has been coaching our AHL farm, A.K.A. the FUTURE?!
  13. Not bare knuckles so that's perfectly fine right?! Screw the league/American bias
  14. Ya he's be second in team scoring on Canucks just behind Bo... Anyone who is actually happy we passed on him needs to check themselves .. typical Vancouver fandom reaction.. kid had 40 points n won the memorial cup , scoring the game winner.. Juolevi better be a Lidstrom in the making