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  1. Love for Jake Virtanen

    Marner had a big big smile after he took that PP negating roughing call by hitting the Finnish player in the face during a scrum, literally right after his teammate just drew a penalty 5 feet away from him.  But he scored 2 Gs so no one cares right? The whole team was undisciplined beyond all belief. In International play rules, and reffing, are much different and Canadian teams in the past have had issues with it but adjust as well as they can with the weak sauce calls going left and right. This team refused to adjust Also Lowry not pulling Blackwood after the 4th, 5th, and even 6th goal against is unreal. Finland coach pulls after 3 and it changed everything. Kid came in and made some huge stops, playing like a Grant Fuhr.
  2. First goal Blackwood gave up was brutal.. How does Lowry not pull him after the weak 4th goal (maybe it was the 3rd one) where he never hugged his post, so soft. Virtanen's hissy fit n benching was epic, made me real sad at Canada's lack of disipline all game long. 9 penalties 3 negated PP calls going our way and Marners last penalty was amazing.. Oh we are about to get a PP with 3 mins to go? I BETTER JAB THIS FINNISH FLOPPER IN THE FACE SO I CAN MAKE IT 4 ON 4 N TAKE AWAY MY CHANCE AT TYING THE GAME WITH A HATTRICK ON THE PP LOL! Lucky Blackwood, Hickey and Virtanen all had worse games. Or else he'd be an easy scapegoat.
  3. Zack Kassian told by MTL not to report to the AHL

    Yes but that often involves players on large contracts.. Zack is done in the NHL, at least for this season.
  4. Zack Kassian told by MTL not to report to the AHL

    He cleared waivers.. No trade incoming lol
  5. Zack Kassian told by MTL not to report to the AHL

    I was looking for his AHL stats a couple  days ago.. Guess he is not only really low on Bergevin's pecking order, but completely off it now.
  6. [Waivers] Coyotes waive John Scott

    Yes.. Improved quality with less fans watching.. wonderful.. fighting sells
  7. What are the odds of that.. Tampa 2.5% n even Anaheim haha.. Only ran it 8 times
  8. [Official GDT] Flyers vs Canucks 7PM

    3-2 Nucks, Horvat with 2
  9. Virtanen and McCann officially make the team

    How about Hutton? Not even a question with him, what a stud.
  10. Nucks playing like sh*t with the lead; would rather be down 1 going into the third, at least the boys will play better. Not sit back, stop skating, and let the other team take over night after night. Reminds me of Vigneault days.. 
  11. For a sec there... lol
  12. [Trade] Patrick Sharp to Dallas

    Garbutt is a good grinder n Daley is so underrated.. Good return for Sharpie
  13. AV, Hartley, Predators Coach Jack Adams Finalists

    AV, Hartley, then "Preds Coach".... Peter Laviolette doesn't get his name mentioned op? lol
  14. [PGT] Canucks @ Flames | Flames lead series 3-1

    I knew it was all over when Willie D put in Vey n McMillan over Bear Cheese.. I don't understand the thought process behind the decision when we are seriously lacking offensive. To bring in two guys, one with 1 goal this year (McMillan in Arizona), and the other with 10 goals (Vey) is not only shocking but unfathomable. Not to mention Sven's familiarity with the Saddledome and the revenge that could've been exacted on the team that gave up on him less than two months ago. Pure redemption missed out on; stupid move by the Canucks. No one player has more to play for right now on the Canucks than Baertschi. He has every reason to compete (unlike Bieksa last night) and is super motivated to prove the doubters wrong! Please oh please put him in game 4. Not much choice otherwise. #WIN3FORBURR Edit --- Can't really fault Willie for starting Lack but getting Miller in to see some play before starting game 4 could be key in riding Miller Time to 2nd round! Hopefully
  15. [PGT] Flames @ Canucks | Series tied 1-1

    Best part of post game was KB.. "I'm not sure what happened with the penalties but hopefully we'll get to see Mason Raymond next game." then he gave a lil grin to the camera ahahha