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  1. Fleeced? They got Kassian, who was waived, and a 5th. Am I missing something?
  2. Grow up, kiddo. No NHL GM, or any adult really, isn't going to hold a grudge on another team for claiming a player that would help them out. I'm sure Corrado was happy. Play in his hometown, plus in the NHL. And in all reality, Corrado would be our 9th or 10th best dman. Get over it.
  3. You act like punishment has already been handed down. What's to say Benning isn't going to get a simple fine like Burke did?
  4. Not exactly sure what your second point means, but get over yourself. Yeah we dropped multiple spots in the draft, but do you know who else did? That's right, Edmonton. Also, damn Green for being interested in a promotion. Damn the team for allowing a guy to leave, if he gets said promotion. Damn promotions! As far as Cagguila, Edmonton does have a guy named Connor. Edmonton probably sold the kid with the "you can be what Andrew Shaw is to Toews, with McDavid". Sold.
  5. No way this guy goes back for his sophomore year. Way too good for that, hes ready for the pros.
  6. But seriously, what was the goalie thinking? He almost gave it away just 15 seconds earlier too. Do goalies not practice playing the puck anymore?
  7. Wooooo!
  8. I think it should be the other way around. If we don't get 1st, desi leaves, and if we do, he stays. This way currently it's just two losses at the same time. My way, its like "ah damn we didn't get Matthews, but Puljujarvi and no desi is a good consolation." OR "damn desi is still here, but at least we have Matthews!"
  9. Apologies shazzam, accidentally clicked reply to yours but didn't mean to and I don't know how to delete the quote, or comment below the quote. Sometimes allows me, sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, yes, we are the most hated fan base in the NHL. Mostly because of how sensitive most of you guys are. And Chalky, it's not my own stereotype. I'm not sure either how that comes across as me whining, but hey, I guess by disagreeing with a genius like yourself, I must be in the wrong.
  10. Hey, I'm sure it's an easy thing but how do you delete a "quote" from a reply in a thread? I wanna reply to someone but I accidentally clicked two separate replies. And it won't allow me to type below the quoted box thing? It allows me to type inside their quote, but when j try to click outside of it, nothing happens. Is this a mobile thing? The team should make us a CDC app lol
  11. Blindside? Seriously, I understand why every other fan base hates ours. So many whiny babies here. "The league is out to get us" every time something happens. It's two games. Chill. I personally think it was just right. The hit was late, and it was blindside. The dude had his head up, but he doesn't have eyes in the back corners of his head. In this instance, Polak had no chance at defending himself. 2 games is just right. Y'all just need to grow up.
  12. That's what I'm scared for. I did the lottery simulator and almost every time we dropped. I did it probably 6-7 times, stopped when the top 3 went as... New Jersey Carolina Montreal Did a nice "are you bleeping kidding me", and went back to watching Lost.
  13. Here's one thing you're missing. How long will it take for our pick to play in the NHL? You don't see too many defense playing in the big leagues after they're drafted. Takes a couple years and contracts will be up. Also, as someone previous said, quality over quantity. I'm not gonna pass up a number 1 or 2 guy because of a bunch of 3-6 guys.
  14. I think the better question is Juolevi or Sergachev?
  15. Tryamkin in the top 4 and Tanev regressed to 3rd pairing? How about we see how these guys perform before handing Pedan and Tryamkin full time NHL jobs, let alone top 4.