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  1. Mom's side - Scottish/British Dad's side - Finnish/Swedish
  2. Interview this morning with the Community Justice Centre, it's only a volunteer position but a good way to get my foot in the door to help with my Social Services Diploma (Still need to be accepted for this September, think i'll be a waitlist candidate). I haven't had a job interview since 2013, so this should be an adventure! Restorative Justice is a really cool concept and would really like to be a part of it here in the Comox Valley.
  3. Century Sam Lake - Just southwest of Comox Lake.
  4. Lucic will get him after the 1 for 1 swap with Edmonton that Benning wants to do
  5. Gudbranson should have been born 20 years earlier. He could have been a way more mobile Derian Hatcher in the older style NHL. Wasn't his fault he was drafted so high when NHL GMs just had to have the big and nasty D men.
  6. Brash was mean and nasty, you could tell he fought angry the way he tried to manhandle his opponents. He was so fun to watch then he had that one 28 point season and thought he was a hockey player, stopped fighting, then was gone the following year!
  7. Also, I remember Bieksa having a couple of close dust-ups his first season with Vancouver and thinking...."Wow, this little guy can scrap!" It wasn't until he absolutely fed Kevin Colley his lunch where I instantly became a fan! The announcers billed Juice at 6'4 220, but he is 6'1 198 hahahaha.
  8. I Still love the Wade Brookbank vs. Krzysztof Oliwa. The build-up of a 'new' heavyweight, the broadcast call, the center-ice square-off. Only because these were some of the most fun times to watch the Canucks, I remember being so excited for this big tilt and watching a Canucks heavyweight drop a Flames heavyweight was purely delightful.
  9. It WAS Billy Madison from Nibb High, but he actually turned out to be a great guy....