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  1. This is surreal. Kobe Bryant was undoubtedly one of the biggest sports superstars of our generation. Unbelievable. Four others perished in the crash as well, RIP. Very sad.
  2. Oh man, a tilt in the top prospects game. Great sportsmanship at the end, fellas!
  3. I loathe the neutral zone drop pass on the PP.
  4. My personal fave. He just manhandles Huggy Bear.
  5. Beagle! I haven't even had my pre-game puff yet, wait!!!!!!
  6. It's arriving today from Amazon! haha. I grew a moustache to take away from the braces and the kids at hockey made fun of me for said moustache. It's working!
  7. Not at all. Right after I felt perfectly fine, but it was as the teeth adjust to the pulling then it starts to throb.
  8. I was lucky enough to choose clear braces, which are just a clear porcelain version of the metal, but still look a lot less like a chain link fence was installed in my mouth. The flossing is definitely annoying, but it's the slurring when I talk now that I hate.
  9. Hee geeuys, Drooove een frem Bemidgy Fridee on eccount of thee snoo stewerm.
  10. Hey, I still have my malaria pills from Afghanistan!?
  11. No, because it's mostly to correct my jaw. My teeth aren't that crooked, my face is haha.
  12. Been diesel_3 since April '03.