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  1. diesel_3

    COD: Warzone

    It's tough, I have watched a few streams and there are really good squads and players in every queue. Biggest thing for me was map and building layout. Took me a few games to figure out which guns I liked using (MP7 is OP, flashbangs are awesome utility). Having brand new weapons with minimal unlocks is tough, too. Grind out 20-30 games and you'll get it back haha.
  2. diesel_3

    COD: Warzone

    If anyone wants to play, i'm looking to get more squad games in and only play with 2 of my IRL buddies, so when they aren't on, i'm hooped! I have 1.09 KDR and avg score of 3800 avg 3 kills per game, looking for similar players (I'm 34, please no mic ragers, too old for that) I like to toke and play but still play to try and win the games while having fun. Maybe we could get a CDC discord going for COD? I realize discord is essentially moot for console gamers to communicate, but just as a real-time way to get 3-man squads going?
  3. My 2 favs are Doritos Nacho Cheese and Vickies S + V. I was not prepared to make that kind of decision this morning.
  4. Random off-topic story alert! Did a road trip down to Nelson in 2003 and while using a payphone (yikes!) I was watching a gentleman crest the hill. He had a big beard, long ponytail, wearing a nice 3 piece suit, carrying a briefcase, and finally...it was all topped off with flip flops and extremely dirty feet. I can still remember thinking to my 17 year old self "Where the hell am I?!"
  5. diesel_3

    COD: Warzone

    Was not much of a COD guy as console shooters were always a struggle. Been keyboard + mouse and playing with my console buddies has been a blast. Gulag is a nice feature, I also like how even if you lose your gulag match, your buddies can buy you back into the game. Beats the hell out of games like PUBG where it was one and done. Crate drops and buy zones allow you to change loadouts quickly or add extra kit like UAV's, Air strikes, extra body armour, etc. I have really enjoyed playing Warzone. My squad is slowly getting better! haha.
  6. I might do all 5 of the Psych courses through UBC just to add some extra credentials to my Social Service Diploma. Great thread, Great idea!
  7. Jim and Larry Playfair who weren't exactly known for their Fairplay.
  8. After 18 months I FINALLY have my fire hall pager! I'm a provisional member right now filling in for injuries, but I should have it for at least a month (we have to wait before actual positions on the department are available before we can become full members) Have responded 3 times and only on the truck once. Seems to be the name of the game, race to try and get 1st truck then potentially sitting in the 2nd truck waiting to go or be stood down. Such a rush when the pager goes off and have to head to the hall!
  9. Anyone still hustlin' CSGO? GN1 looking to que up with some Nucks fans.
  10. I have made my way back to playing some CSGO on the PC. Computer still handles it well, i'm definitely nowhere near the player I was years ago. I've been having fun just doing solo que competitive. I do not miss how toxic the community can be, which i'm sure is just like any online community. I'm only a Gold Nova 1 right now, close to ranking up to GN2. If there is anyone in the Silver/GN range that wants to que up, I'm a solid player with a 'hit or miss' shot from game to game!
  11. I neglected to start on Assignment 3 for my English class to try and get notes caught up for Psychology. I have to write a research proposal and annotated bibliography. Was thinking about doing it on Restorative Justice but coming up with a thesis statement for me is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube.
  12. Do it, man. I wasted a lot of years thinking what I was doing what 'right' *Narrator* It wasn't. Mid 30's, back in school, working part-time. You feel slightly like Benjamin Button aging backwards, but there is a weird feeling of satisfaction that I now have total control of what my future holds (from a career standpoint). Nobody puts baby in a corner. Arrested Development + 2 movie references in 1 post. Today is going to be a good day. Wait a second, this isn't the post when you're high thread --------------->
  13. Some more praise for Arvid Costmar. Could he be a diamond in the rough? What a solid season! https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/vancouver-canucks-prospects-update/c-315101022 "Arvid Costmar has been on fire in the SuperElit league. Since our last update, he has played in two games and scored three goals and two assists in that time. He is now up to twenty-one goals and twenty assists in twenty-four games with Linkoping HC J20 and has eleven more points than the second leading scorer on his team despite player 12 fewer games. His 1.71 points per game is tied for the best point-per-game rate in the SuperElit."
  14. Who knows, he might feel that the 'new' NHL defenseman is all about that first pass. If you have a D man who can snap the puck up in quick transition, that's half the battle. Maybe he just wants time and space taken away and to force turnovers. The canucks have the speed and forecheck, but sometimes doesn't seem like it's consistent (which game in game out, consistency for all teams is pretty tough unless you're the '76 Habs or something). Green seems to trust that this offense can score in bunches, the D is more reliable than he thinks, and Marky is an animal (Fact). Disclaimer: I was just a bum defensive systems Junior Coach, these guys know way more than I do and i'm sure there is plenty of rhyme or reason for what they do based on their specific personnel.