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  1. Exactly. 2 totally different teams. One team with all of the chemistry and one team with a young core and finding an identity. This was fun to watch the Canucks adjust to the systematically better Blues.
  2. Canucks winning cup confirmed? But seriously. That was fun. Quinn Hughes gets better each and every game. Edler is aging like a fine wine. Miller has been one of the best acquisitions this team has made in a long time. Ferland breaking the goose egg! Slow start but the boys adjusted and just started being hard to play against. Thatchy D getting a dub on the Cup Champs?! 2-0?! WOOOOO!
  3. The boys just stole a point from the defending Cup Champs. I'm happy with it, I still have beer in my glass, and more hockey to watch! Petey in OT!
  4. Steen just bounced off Miller when trying to clear the crease. Ok, my man crush is obvious now.
  5. I'm gettin too old for this #$^$ - Danny Glover in every Danny Glover movie.