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  1. Come on, Jan...I'm tied down to the S7 but nothing is wrong with a little window shopping?
  2. I am still using an S7 and asked about upgrading my phone and extending my plan. Even extending my plan another 2 years and this new 'bring it back' program through Telus, the S10+ would have cost $900 upfront. I have never had the 'newest' model of phone, always 1 or 2 behind so that it's a free upgrade lol.
  3. 2014: Fleury/Nylander 2015: White/Konecny (Did not know much about Boeser at the time) 2016: Tkachuk (This one still stings....77 point season this year) 2017: Mittelstadt/Tippett (Was still very happy with the Pettersson pick) 2018: Tkachuk (If he fell) Hughes/Boqvist (In that order)
  4. This exact truck was my first truck. Bought it in '03 and only ever had to replace the starter, used to just park it on the hill and just bump start it for about 6 months haha. I pried off the hubcaps almost as soon as I got it home, the original owner tried to make it into a Fast and Furious type truck with a fart can exhaust on it, too. 1987 GMC Sonoma S-15...great on gas!
  5. Note: Tags are mandatory only in the Trades, Rumours, Signings forum and in the Proposals and Armchair GM'ing forum.
  6. Went Duke vs Gonzaga and Tennesse vs UNC for my final 4 (I know, not really going out on a limb here haha). Picked Duke to win it all.
  7. I wish I could! But an essay help thread is a great idea....currently writing one for Crim and Philosophy and struggling hard out of the gates. Good luck, Dazzle!
  8. I just saw it as Green strictly wanting production at this point, because he did say areas of his game have improved. The comment seemed stats driven, IMO.