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  1. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=30359
  2. Restored a 1950 Frigidaire just in time for Hockey Season. http://imgur.com/Ez0c32M

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. diesel_3


      Oh ya, I have an old painting respirator but I have a huge beard and it wouldn't have sealed properly, figured a 2 part primer then just a matte black tremclad would do the trick, up close there are some blemishes, but i'm the furthest thing from an artist haha.

    3. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      Great look. What's your guess on the weight?

    4. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      That's sweet!  Love the satin black look with the chrome. Like an old hot rod. 

  3. Andddd Abdullah on IR, 3 players on IR already.
  4. Started watching the HBO series 'Quarry' got me hooked on listening to Otis Redding, good stuff!



      That show is great so far.  Misses and I digging it.  

    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      That show got me into having a smoke during my swim.

  5. F$%K me running, Woodhead torn ACL, out for season.
  6. Just by watching the highlights, looks like Stecher was a nice scoop so far.
  7. Thanks, OV.
  8. Dumb Q, Will the Canucks Twitter feed provice a link stream? 1st one i'm able to watch! Thanks.
  9. Big body, knows his role on the bottom 6. Interested to see if he can earn a 2-way contract, He'd be a solid piece for Utica.
  10. Thanks, Mash...Good write up, Real good.
  11. Haven't been able to tune in to any of the prospects tourney, How has OJ looked? Un-biased, non-homer POV, Please.
  12. Both weeks i've had players beast out for me...and put them on my bench, Crowell went off yesterday and of course he was on my bench
  13. Dez Bryant got me .5 points this week! Typical Cowgirls.
  14. None of my rookies will have an immediate impact, but i'm mostly looking forward to see if Jordan Howard can earn some solid reps.
  15. Played a few rounds on PC. Pretty happy with what I have seen so far, looking forward to seeing what other maps the game will have once it's fully released.