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  1. Lucic will get him after the 1 for 1 swap with Edmonton that Benning wants to do
  2. Gudbranson should have been born 20 years earlier. He could have been a way more mobile Derian Hatcher in the older style NHL. Wasn't his fault he was drafted so high when NHL GMs just had to have the big and nasty D men.
  3. Brash was mean and nasty, you could tell he fought angry the way he tried to manhandle his opponents. He was so fun to watch then he had that one 28 point season and thought he was a hockey player, stopped fighting, then was gone the following year!
  4. Also, I remember Bieksa having a couple of close dust-ups his first season with Vancouver and thinking...."Wow, this little guy can scrap!" It wasn't until he absolutely fed Kevin Colley his lunch where I instantly became a fan! The announcers billed Juice at 6'4 220, but he is 6'1 198 hahahaha.
  5. I Still love the Wade Brookbank vs. Krzysztof Oliwa. The build-up of a 'new' heavyweight, the broadcast call, the center-ice square-off. Only because these were some of the most fun times to watch the Canucks, I remember being so excited for this big tilt and watching a Canucks heavyweight drop a Flames heavyweight was purely delightful.
  6. It WAS Billy Madison from Nibb High, but he actually turned out to be a great guy....
  7. Note: Tags are mandatory only in the Trades, Rumours, Signings forum and in the Proposals and Armchair GM'ing forum.
  8. I met kmad years and years ago, he was such a nice, soft-spoken guy! He was super knowledgable and came across as slightly mean/arrogant (on the forums) but was actually a super cool dude.
  9. I guess technically, ya...I can't remember specifically when towel power went down (Right around there or a bit before?) I stopped posting around the BJB days because I never went over there once...but I do remember kmad making reference to it.
  10. That is so true, I have even asked some of my buddies if they ever had that one that 'got away' I have the same thing with a girl I went to high school with, I just found her so incredibly attractive (She still is) and was way out of my league at the time. About 10 years ago when I was in the Army, we randomly started chatting, she even admitted she thought I was one of the good ones and was surprised I never made a move. Sort of kick myself for that one, but still...a guy always wonders! Oh, totally...I never talked about real life issues, just made jokes in hopes of suppressing them and giving off the vibe that I was always 'OK' which wasn't ever really the case. It's a great thread to come down and type out thoughts or things that are a jumbled mess in your head...We have all lived such different lives and I feel people here are just as qualified as any to at least give advice that pertains to their personal experiences. Great thread, TS! haha
  11. Wow, some old names! I feel there were a few different tiers of white noise, I'm MOSTLY familiar with the original white noise members who moved over to the 3rd party towel power site. Stopped posting for some time when the new breed of white noise came in (TS, Banana, avelanch, etc) but came back sort of near the tail end of that generation haha. Some names I have not seen in a while. I always get a kick out of meeting Canucks fans and asking if they post on CDC but never telling them who I am LOL.
  12. Come on, Jan...I'm tied down to the S7 but nothing is wrong with a little window shopping?
  13. I am still using an S7 and asked about upgrading my phone and extending my plan. Even extending my plan another 2 years and this new 'bring it back' program through Telus, the S10+ would have cost $900 upfront. I have never had the 'newest' model of phone, always 1 or 2 behind so that it's a free upgrade lol.
  14. 2014: Fleury/Nylander 2015: White/Konecny (Did not know much about Boeser at the time) 2016: Tkachuk (This one still stings....77 point season this year) 2017: Mittelstadt/Tippett (Was still very happy with the Pettersson pick) 2018: Tkachuk (If he fell) Hughes/Boqvist (In that order)