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  1. I find fat chicks too doughy and the weight distribution is terrible. Don't wanna put your back out or anything lol.
  2. Seems like a good place to get out of your car.
  3. I bought my power rack/Oly Bar/Bumpers from Fitness Depot. They have a couple of shops in the lower mainland and usually have good prices.
  4. Ok, I'll just grab Raiders D.
  5. He had me at 'Good on draws' and 'Blocks shots constantly' Manny Malhotra? Ryan Johnson? I'll take it.
  6. This guy will be there every time you fall, Mason
  7. If there is one other team besides the Canucks that I don't mind following or watching, it's the Jets. This kid will be pretty exciting to watch.
  8. I think it's pretty well rounded the way the lineup should be. Not every forward you have on a team is going to be 'tough' Our blueline is not going to be one that is messed with often, lots of beef back there. I'm not worried.
  9. Harry Pu$$y
  10. Ya, he was a key guy for that team moving forward. Now, Yakupov will have to step up and take charge....LOL!
  11. Wow. Hall was one of the few guys who showed up game in game out for the Oil. Not exactly sure how he is going to do in NJ, But makes me feel even better about the Gudbranson deal (Was a fan of it in the 1st place, but this is the icing on the cake.)
  12. I will cut: Nate Washington Tre Mason Brandon Oliver
  13. I like him. Hoping for a nice season and have him be paid accordingly.
  14. When will we be able to pick up undrafted rookies and make roster changes?
  15. Sorry, was working...I'll take Jordan Howard @Tony Romo