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  1. Awesome thread idea, When's the next? Would love to get in on this, I have a wide variety of music taste!
  2. Always loved his part in Aliens and the creep in True Lies! RIP
  3. That's not something you see every day!
  4. Not a trade, rumour or signing. We don't need multiple threads whining about what Jim Benning is doing or not doing. Feel free to post in actual trade, rumour or signing threads, please.
  5. Awesome! Thanks, VC!
  6. Banned for being a Nucksfollower1983.....not a Nucksleader1983.
  7. Just a real good team guy.
  8. DeBoer taking a quick glance at the rack is such a good gif. 5-1 Sharks.
  9. Wow! That is awesome....Exactly what this thread is for...Us to totally nerd out over stuff like this hahaha. Those old cards are so awesome, I have 2 Ken Dryden cards and 1 Bobby Orr Card (In rough shape and him with Chicago) pre 1980 in my collection, but i love how simple they were back then. It is hard to find some of those older cards graded above an 8.5. I keep wanting to sell off cards I don't care for and focus on specifics, but everytime somebody posts something I start eBaying. This thread might get me divorced.
  10. Lightly greased tonight. Never actually posted in here, although all I have been doing lately is getting solo drunk and fat. Good beer league game tonight, nothing better than a frosty beer after going for a couple hot laps on the ice.
  11. Oh, SC....I'm pretty sure both you and Jimmy the Scott posted pics in the old old WN pics thread. Unless......You're the same guy!?
  12. I'd use that term VERY loosely. Drink every time Bro Jake name drops!