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  1. That's kind of cool.... I like Seattle Sasquatch I hate the Kraken.......too many bad butt jokes and drug jokes come from that.
  2. It is hard to tell what anyone's noteworthy humanitarian contribution in his community is. About all I can say is good luck to Edler .
  3. Louie really isn't hurting this team right now, he is just a highly paid 4th line player who is also an excellent penalty killer.
  4. I think that sometimes (and this is one of those times) we like draft picks better than we like real life NHL players.
  5. These guys played pretty uninspired hockey this tear in the playoffs. Pittsburgh should shake things up and move Malkin but it would probably be next to impossible to get the appropriate return back for a highly paid 32 year old star.
  6. That's a nice report. The Canucks have 3 6th round picks so for sure one of them should be a goalie. According to Jim, "you can never have enough goalies".
  7. I would be happy to see them drop down 1 or two spots if it still meant that GMJB could get his guy and perhaps add another 3rd or 4th round pick. Unless of course, his guy is at #10 then grab him. The Canucks have improved the prospect pool but it ism still a fairly shallow pool of potential NHL'ers so more picks are a good thing.
  8. Always liked AV...hope he survives Philly, they could be a team that is hard to get a read on which direction they are heading.
  9. I think they did OK with some of these guys. Bourdon was developing nicely and would have been a player for this team for years to come. Butcher was one of the meanest and toughest defensive d-men to ever play for the Canucks. Opposing players feared coming near the net when he was there, he also played 897 NHL games and was awesome.
  10. If the Canucks keep the pick then Soderstrom offers the best bang for the buck but Caufield is enticing as well with his elite scoring abilities. Although, the picks from around 6-14 are a bit of a crap shoot right now, I think there may be some teams going for the defensemen early on and the Canucks may have a higher ranked forward fall into their laps at #10
  11. Swing for the fences GMJB....I don't care how or what picks/players (excluding #43, 40, 53, and 6), need to be traded but get that number one from NJ. I'd like to see an epic Burky type move on the home court draft.
  12. $100 at McHappy day May 8th if we move up. (plus one Big Mac and fries)
  13. Anything that reads Lucic to Vancouver always = NO!!!! (unless they want to throw in McDavid)