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  1. Love you Hammer, Retirement is sweet and deserved for one of the truly good guys of hockey.
  2. I am getting a new puppy next month, a yellow labrador...I think I will name him Bowie.
  3. Tallon breathes a sigh of relief Florida is a train wreck but Tallon is not part of this. If he lands with the right ownership group he will make them a contender.
  4. I vote Blues, I know they have a very talented forward group but the Canucks have a great ability to shut down skilled players or at least keep them on the perimeter and I think the speed of the Canucks and their aggressive forecheck bodes well against the Blues defense.
  5. I hope to see big Zack laying in Ferlands place today, he would create some additional havoc in this series. BTW 11:30 really sucks for us working folks, the NHL has done well so far but this one stings for all Canucks fans.
  6. Hartman dived so hard when Petey hit him that he hurt himself. pretty funny stuff
  7. OK I actually like it. It wasn't my first pick but I think they have done well combining the rich Seattle hockey history with the new theme. The colour scheme is unique which is good. I look forward to the Canucks eating the Seattle Calamari for lunch.
  8. Lets not trade Boeser please, all these trade Brock proposals are BS.
  9. OJ still can be the better player of the three if he is healthy.
  10. Sign the man Jimmy!! Get the Bone of Wrath in the system asap!!
  11. Just win baby!!!!!! Go Canucks!!
  12. I agree, I would call Miller a very "sung" hero. He is the top point scorer on the team and everyone recognizes who he is and what he means to the team. I think the meaning has been lost on those who voted. Usually this is reserved for a depth guy that isn't a star on the team but works his butt off to excel in his role. This is usually for the Tyler Motte or Josh Leivo types of players although I woul have chosen Gaudette for it this year.
  13. Interesting read but the premise is based on GMJB tearing up his free agent credit card for a number of years. I'm hoping this happens but still not holding my breath.
  14. Look forward to seeing the big guy as a Canucks regular in the seasons to come.