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  1. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    I don't understand what this thread is about, seems to be a lot of bickering. None the less, without reading the previous 8 pages, I will declare Hughes to be better than Dahlin. Why you may ask? Well Hughes is a Canuck now, need I say more? All Canucks are better than any of those other guys, maybe they don't beat them on the ice or score more goals but they are still just better.
  2. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    According to the scouts, Bouchard is potentially NHL ready but doesn't have anywhere near the ceiling that Hughes has. No sense rushing things with Hughes although it may be good to have in signed and playing in Utica but either way, college, or AHL or the less likely NHL, Hughes is going to be a beauty.
  3. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Silly guy, he should have held out and went back nto the draft in two years.
  4. Re-Draft 2012 (Top 10)

    Not really a lot of star power in 2012
  5. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    The early season 6 game road trip may end up helping this team bond well as a group. They can work out the kinks away from the boos and negativity of home ice and come home stronger.
  6. goals,goals...from who?

    I love the article, I am positive that the Canucks are trending in this direction but they are still a few years off from "scoring all the goals". I wouldn't say that there are a slew of players poised for break out seasons but there are certainly some. Horvat should hopefully start to show some Scheiffle like numbers in a year or two and Sven B should also improve (if he stays healthy). If Granlund gets to play in the top 6, we should also see 20 goals from him. Also, Jake should start getting more confident and popping the points, he was the best player on the ice many games into the end of season stretch last year. Other than that, the defense on this team must be better to allow the forwards more scoring opportunities and more time with the puck and a few guys need to get bigger, stronger and more mature before they really break out and score a slew of goals. This will happen, but the caveat is it likely won't be this year.
  7. Considering that Gagner went 16 spots higher than Pacioretty in the same draft, maybe Montreal would be interested. Just saying, seems logical by Bergeron since he did trade the much younger Subban for Weber who has logged a lot of hard miles in his career.
  8. Is there a difference in leadership?

    I don't think the captain needs to be an Alpha male. They need someone who leads by example and provides a consistent effort every game, who is honest and fair with his team mates. I would hope there will be a difference in leadership moving forward. This team should be grittier and not stand for people rabbit punching one of the best players on the team. Part of this comes from coaching but mostly from the leadership culture on the team.
  9. [Signing] Sabres sign Rasmus Dahlin

    No organization, Oilers included, has been as ridiculous as the Islanders for the last decade and a half. Maybe with Lou L they can turn things around. I was just joking about the Taveras thing. I would think that Buffalo will keep Dahlin around for a long time
  10. [Signing] Sabres sign Rasmus Dahlin

    Maybe he will pull a Tavaras
  11. [Signing] Sabres sign Rasmus Dahlin

    The draft lottery of the day screwed us back then too..
  12. [Proposal] Proposal

    If the Canucks are trading Tanev, let's hope it for someone good. Kadri doesn't fit the bill
  13. Minnesota Wild Buy Out Tyler Ennis

    I was thinking maybe the Oilers would take a flyer on the local kid. Who knows, he may be an upgrade on Mcwhathisname's wing
  14. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    1. Vancouver 2. Winnipeg 3. Seattle (until they play Vancouver, then all bets are off but I'm glad they get a team) 4-30. doesn't matter, maybe Nashville can be 4th I guess 31. Oilers, Flames, Bruins, Blackhawks, Rangers, Kings, Ducks (so what if the math doesn't add up, these teams are all last in my books) 32. Leafs (see previous comment)
  15. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Ryan Strome

    Good move all they have to do is teach him how to play hockey.