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  1. Under no circumstances should the Canucks go full Milbury and start trading their future for established players. Let these guys develop and gel together and if anything, trade for picks or young prospects.
  2. Wasn't the only time Boeser has ever worn a Canuck jersey in rookie camp?
  3. I'm often surprised to hear opposing players say this is a well coached team. Many in-game decisions are very questionable but I suppose the systems Willie employs are hard to play against.
  4. That's what I would think. I'm not sure if there is really anything preventing JB from signing as many players as he wants for next year as long as things line up at the start of the season. Canucks are still at 48 contracts for this year unless he plays.
  5. And that Bieber hit too, not bad for a retired injured guy.
  6. I had the same questions. If the Canucks lose Sbisa I don't see why they would have to trade Hutton. I'm not so sure that we see Rodin back. Maybe he is, that's great but I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to play in Europe again. I'm hoping we see Virtanen back with a vengeance next year.
  7. The award is for preservation, sportsmanship and dedication to the game. Miller is still very much at or near the top of his game as a 36 year old goalie so he is a deserving nominee for this team.
  8. Stecher looks like he may be cringing a bit....hope he isn't hurt too bad.
  9. TSN article where Crosby is trying to take the high road. I think Crosby would have been better off being quiet and just apologizing. Taking a jab at Melnyk is not "just leaving it". Given this attitude of entitlement makes one think that if there s a next time then the NHL will have to take action. Two days after Eugene Melnyk called him “a whiner beyond belief,” Sidney Crosby threw a subtle jab at the Ottawa Senators’ owner, but refused to engage in a war of words. “I’m just going to leave it,” Crosby told reporters Sunday morning in Pittsburgh. “He likes to hear himself talk, so let’s leave it.” Melnyk was irate after Crosby’s unpenalized slash to the hand of Senators defenceman Marc Methot on Thursday night fractured a finger, forcing Methot out of the lineup for a period of weeks as the Sens chase their first division title in 11 years. The tip of Methot’s finger essentially exploded, leaving a gory mess in his glove. Melnyk called for a 10-game ban for Crosby - or any player who causes significant injury.
  10. I agree, one more year until the playoffs and a few more until this team starts to consistently become in the above average to great range. As it stands, this team really isn't as bad as some people think. A few important pieces are still missing but once the young guys really start to put everything together....look out.
  11. I know the scouts really like this guy but it is very hard to gauge how an undersized defenseman playing on high scoring junior team stacks up with some of the other players. He seems too high risk/high reward to be worth gambling on. Makar is at least a couple years away from the NHL so I hope the Canucks look to drafting a centreman.
  12. I don't think this team is as bad as some people think it is. These guys are professionals and they play to win and once things start to click they will start to win consistently.
  13. Looks like Utica will have a lot of free agents this year and needs to be restocked so he's worth looking at but his stats have been good for the last couple years as well so it makes one wonder why no one has drafted him.
  14. I just realized, Alf kind of looks like a Yak. Remove the antlers, a bit of hair moose and bingo, you have Alf. .
  15. If Miller were to actually want to resign here I would think he would be looking for 2-3 years. One year would not be an option since there would be other teams willing to give him some term. John Garrett sure seems to like Scott Darling as per the telecast on Tuesday night.