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  1. Wait about three mores years and then I'll tell you...
  2. Fair enough I guess if a trade could be worked out if he clears then the money would work with a retention since he is only signed for this year. Benning did say at the start of the season that he would like to add a big left winger.
  3. Michalek seems like a good player but at $4 million per year and as a Leafs cast off I hope he enjoys playing on the farm, I wouldn't touch him.
  4. I remember that, the other player of interest was Beau Bennett who was selected earlier by Pittsburgh. Neither player has had stellar NHL careers nor has Quinton Howden who was drafted with the Canucks' pick.
  5. Neat, pretty cool that they have the dressing room has its own "bathroom facilities". Good to know that the players don't have to make sure they go at home before coming to the rink. Maybe they can move the waffle maker from the continental breakfast area of the hotel into their kitchen.
  6. I agree with those saying no to this idea. One other thing is that by having them on the same line it is more feasible to manage their ice time. So far it looks like the ice time is more or less evenly distributed which bodes well for helping these guys stay a bit fresher late into the season. They may and already have been double shifted when the game gets on the line but otherwise, by keeping them together then their ice time can more easily be managed.
  7. Gunny has been money for the entertainment he brings, he has crushed a couple guys and has been really solid. Poor guy will always be under the microscope from the no-fun analytics people which is a shame. The sweetheart of those guys, Tanev has had a poor start with a rash of bad penalties but you don't hear me complaining. The only real mistakes Gunny has made has been a result of poor communication with his defensive partner but these things usually fix themselves fairly quick.
  8. Wow, Versteeg on Calgary's top line after being let go from a PTO from Edmonton. Just goes to show that you can't read too much into what line a player is on, the best players need to be spread throughout the lineup and some of the pluggers end up getting placed with the better players to play a specific roll.
  9. Again with the giving away Gaunce proposals. I love Gaunce and can't wait to see what he will give as a regular player on this team IMO Ho Sang is trending downwards to less than Yakupov value
  10. Bo is good but has a lot of learning left, he was promoted out of necessity last year whereas the preference would have been to keep him in a more protected role, this year he gets that chance and will be able fully develop a more complete game. Also, as the games got harder in preseason, Stecher struggled more. He's still a smart young guy and a year in the AHL allows him to get used to playing against grown men.
  11. This is great news, it means we get a chance at Mason Raymond when the Ducks waive him to clear space for Etem. Actually....maybe not so great afterall.
  12. Considering that the league allows contracts for players who have career ending injuries be traded around like candy for the sole purpose of screwing the numbers, it is hypocritical for them to bare down on this. But like Henrik once said, no other professional league changes its rules mid-season.
  13. Edmonton is a great market to sell more of his whine.
  14. Great summary, poor Reinhart went from one circus to another.
  15. I'm not even going to waste my minus.....