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  1. Predict the winner and the score - Canucks win 6-2Bonus question - Horvat
  2. Predict the winner and the score - Canucks win 5-3 Bonus question - Canucks Bonus bonus question - Horvat
  3. Well, I think the original party boy Ben Hutton has joined Jake and friends in Cabo.
  4. That sounds good but I wonder if the NHLPA would go for it. From a player stand point it would make sense because if they still get paid and then can move on and sign elsewhere and get paid again.
  5. Tkatchuk won't fight anyway....he's the kind of turtiling rat that will let one of his team mates do his bidding for him while he runs around trying to take guys heads off.
  6. My opinion is to to ROH for at least 5 years. Time may soften old woulds and we revisit it then.
  7. Good point, I forgot that Woo is already under contract.
  8. Thanks for posting... Regarding the 5 prospects he wants to sign just guessing who the players are; My guess is..... Woo, Madden , Lockwood, Hoglander and Rathbone Podzy won't likely be one as he is still under Russian contract. Any other guesses? Edit - Thank you to everyone who reminded me that Woo is already signed.
  9. Why do all trade proposals involve the Canucks getting a star player in return or a Canucks salary dump and a handful of fringe NHL'ers?
  10. Markstrom vs Price = Markstrom is having a better year statistically and is 2 years younger and isn't getting paid 10 million per year. Advantage = Markstrom Weber is a beast but has trouble staying healthy as of late, has a lot of hard miles on him and gets paid almost 8 million per year for another 7 years until he is 41 years old. Age + bad contract = player we don't want. Advantage = Canucks players, prospects and picks included in the deal. Brisebois projects to be an NHL player within 1-2 years = Advantage Madden projects at the very least to be a solid replacement for Beagle when his contract is complete. (cap space savings are a big value) = Advantage 2nd round pick = Advantage. I know the intent of this trade is to win now but this team is not in win now mode. They want to make the playoffs but likely will not be a real contender for a while. When they are a contender, Price and Weber will be long in tooth and short in usefulness.
  11. Which team wins the Elite Women's 3-on-3 game? (1pt) Who's playing again? Canada I guess....Which division wins the All-Star 3 on 3 tourney? (3pts) CentralWho wins the MVP for the All-Star tourney? (1pt) MacKinnon
  12. Ultimately this trade makes us worse and to top it off, it costs a prospect and a pick as well.
  13. I find it difficult to agree that Louie has been playing well. Maybe he's stepped up his game a little bit but still not to the point that I would say he is doing well. This team would still be better served to find a better player for that position,
  14. Kostin is one of the top prospects for the Blues and I think the proposals seriously undervalues what a very good prospect can be worth. I think they would want a prospect coming back and we have some good ones that we'ed be better off keeping in the system,