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  1. Scoring Summary Opening night 1987 1st Period 01:41 VAN Greg Adams (1) Michel Petit and Tony Tanti 05:15 VAN PP — Greg Adams (2) Tony Tanti and Michel Petit 18:18 STL Rick Meagher (1) Jim Pavese 2nd Period 00:41 VAN Doug Wickenheiser (1) Raimo Summanen 02:12 VAN Greg Adams (3) Daryl Stanley and Tony Tanti 13:26 STL SH — Rick Meagher (2) Brian Sutter 3rd Period 00:25 VAN Barry Pederson (1) Petri Skriko 02:35 VAN David Bruce (1) Doug Wickenheiser 08:18 VAN PP — Greg Adams (4) Garth Butcher and Tony Tanti 15:58 VAN Dan Woodley (1) Stan Smyl and Ian Kidd
  2. I'm thinking that with Miller playing with Petey and Boeser and then Leivo and Pearson with Horvat, Howvat needs some additional skill on his line. Kinda like the skill that is Utica named Bear Cheese. May as well get it over and waive LE because he has no value to this team anyway.
  3. Hmmm, this thread has derailed. Come on Canucks, lets get back on track and pop 10 goals tonight!!!!
  4. McCarron played on London with Bo. Just thought I'd squeeze in some Bo on what should be recognized as Bo day in BC.
  5. This is an easy question.....Trevor Linden is hands down the best Canucks captain of all time. I'm leaving it up to Bo to create his own legend,
  6. Glad to see Benning make this move to allow Biega another chance to make the NHL. Pretty classy move imo
  7. Big no ti this proposal - Poolparty has shown absolutely nothing in the NHL so far and could very well end up as the next Yakopov. - Virtanen has not lived up to potential ut is at the very least a solid third line player that provides physicality and can move up and down the lineup if need be.
  8. He's too old to teach him how to skate. Best to bury this guy in the minors and leave him there.
  9. I haven't seen enough from Goldy to warrant making this team. He had probably had one of his better games of the preseason tonight because he didn't make any glaring errors, albeit, he really didn't do much of anything. I hope he could clear waivers and there's a good chance he does because all the rosters are set for every other team.
  10. The best players are not always the best leaders for the team. I would rather see EP concentrate on scoring, getting stronger and just playing hockey. Bo is the leader in how he plays the game as well as the things he does off the ice. His work ethic is second to none which rubs off on other players.