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  1. Around a second or a second tier prospect is likely the expected return but not both By second tier prospect I mean someone drafted outside of the first round or around 4th or 5th on a team's prospect depth chart.
  2. Assuming (huge assumption) that Baertschi can play and remain relatively healthy, I'd like to see remaining dollars spent on defense.
  3. Pretty much stating the obvious. Vancouver's drafting sucked under Nonis and Gillis and is now showing signs of significant improvements.
  4. The positive is that Benning is trying to surround the young players with guys that can support them and help them to be better......This is something that teams like Edmonton has failed to grasp.
  5. I'd love to sign Myers. There are a lot of teams looking at him so the only way to get him is via some term and $'s. It may be a contract similar to LE's which I am ok for on Myers as he is only 29. At the end of the term he would be around 35 which is ok for me.
  6. Probably a B from me for this draft mind you the first two picks look to be home runs. I like the Keppen pick, maybe a bit under the radar playing in Flint. The Focht pick was a head scratcher for me, he was so far off the radar that it seems off to use a fifth on him The goalie pick was solid...he seems like a great kid. The rest of the pack all have some level of potential but I do not know about most of them.
  7. This is a good player. Great pick Canucks, wish they would keep making great picks and quit making trades.
  8. The only player that I would want the Canucks to move up for is Byram (excluding Hughes and Kakko obviously). Otherwise, it seems to be such a mixed bag that they will get a great player at 10 no matter what.
  9. Are the Raiders on the move again? If they go to Vegas then they should change their name to the Posse....reminiscent of the CFL's failed attempt there.
  10. It's not clear, that's why I asked....thanks for the really nice response.
  11. Friedman's tweet is confusing, nice use of multiple negatives Elliot.. He said...."Hearing VAN and Edler closing in on three-year deal that will not have a clause preventing him from being exposed in the expansion draft" So does that mean that Edler can be exposed or not?
  12. Come on Lu...milk that hip injury for all it's worth.......