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  1. Gaunce with the hatty!!!!!!! Go Gauncer
  2. Hutton for Filip Berglund Canucks get rid of the d-man crunch and get a RHD who can stay in Europe this year, Oilers get Hutton who may be can be a player for them.
  3. Proposal - Hutton for Khaira

    What happens when Roussel returns? waive him? I like the idea but the numbers don't add up.
  4. Darren Archibald | #49 | RW/LW

    I like Archie but he has far less potential than all of these guys and has failed to bring it every game.
  5. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    Crawford wasn't the GM though. He could have leaned heavily on Petr Skudra or a rookie Alex Auld but neither wouldn't even get you as far as Cloutier did.

    The all caps title reminds me of Seinfeld where Elaine say, "It's not really top of the muffin TO YOU!!!????? But yes it was.
  7. "The Rebuild" will be butchered by a playoff spot this year

    I am not sure what the point or conclusion to this message is. Are the playoffs bad because we won't get a top pick??? Last time this team made the playoffs it yielded Boesser and there is a lot of talent to be mined after the top three in the draft. But is that the point I ask? Maybe it is that the future is now and the playoffs is the bearing of the previous precious fruit of good drafting combined with the right free agents at the right time? Maybe so but I ask????? Just what are you trying to say?
  8. [Report] Bolts waive Dotchin for breach

    Apparently he is part of the Kyle Wellwood off-season training camp.
  9. Winnipeg Jets Leaked Third Jersey

    I don't think the Jets one is that bad. It looks a bit plain but once you see the names and number s it will look more filled in. I think most people will kind of grow to like it once they see it in game.
  10. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C/LW

    WTH !!?? Is Roussel damaged good or something?
  11. [PTO] Gilbert Brule with Flames

    I remember the stories about the Canucks wanting to trade up to get him in 2005, glad we didn't give up picks and assets to make it so.
  12. Live Media Day Feed

    I love the competition at camp this year......Everyone said they need to be better, they all know it so there should be a lot of intensity to earn a job.
  13. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    Lookin so far that willie is in Torts and Keenan territory as far as popularity. I'm not a huge Willie D fan but he was still better than those guys were.
  14. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    Agreed, that would be like asking who is your favorite Canucks center man and including a certain guy who played here in the late '90's
  15. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    I go Quinn and honorable mention to Crawford. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like the guys who play a balanced roster playing the right personal in at key times when the going gets tough to allow the skilled players to play their game.