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  1. Canucks win 5-4 First goal - some Toronto plug, I'll go with Marner WG = Petey
  2. I'll be at the game cheering on the Canucks in their Black gold and orange jerseys; therefore I'm going for a big win. Canucks win 5-4 Behind 0-1 after the first. .
  3. I'll keep OJ and Woo, those two combined are greater than a first round pick. LE is done in 2.5 years or less anyway.
  4. Burrows can be the locker room speech guy, especially when they are losing momentum, I would imaging a speech to start the third period going like this; "Hey boys, gotta pick it up, gotta get going in da turd"
  5. If Burrows wasn't traded, folks on here would have wanted Benning's head. We got what we wanted here folks.
  6. Why isn't TanMan an option???? This name works better for me. Other than that he can call himself whatever he wants, Chris, Christopher, Chrissy,......whatever.
  7. Go Canucks!!!!!!!! Big win tonight boys. Gaudette will prove that he has studied the Dragon Slayer manual and go full beast
  8. I like Gaudette and see him having a big role in this team's future. Not to mention I am seeing glimpses of dragon slayer in him which means we may have found another of a long line of dragon slayers for this generation to watch. Also, hope this means LE gets waived, one good game in 3 years isn't enough to sustain Louie's NHL career.
  9. Go Canucks, grind out another!!!! Game notes and predictions; McDavid goes home with nightmares that derail his season Petey and Noeser come alive Questions start to arise (as they should) over the quality of Oiler goaltending.
  10. Nice grind it out win by the Canucks. Goals don't have to be pretty, they just have to go on. Also a great effort by the call ups. Grayovac and big Mas looked stellar tonight, especially liked to see Mac going after Kassian for his bad hit penalty on Tanev.
  11. Go Canucks!!!!! Put some hurt on Connow and Leon because really, that's all they've got.
  12. I enjoyed seeing Jake get fired up and go after McCann. If I would the coach I would plant Jake in front of old clips of Ruutu and Cooke and tell him to play like them. This will get him fired up enough to increase his output.
  13. I think that Green and team excel at developing young players and bringing them into the fold. I think they are good to stay on at least until the end of the season. Eventually though, this team will need to move on and find someone who will take them to the next level and be able to hold a lead, play 60 minutes and win in the playoffs. I know that ownership wants the playoffs now but this is a young developing team so I am patient to allow them to keep least for another 55 games or so and then we'll see at season's end.
  14. Is the NHL becoming a Sesame Street league or what? First we see the giant A for the Avalanche and now a giant B for the Baby Bruins. I don't like this one at all.
  15. If Peters did indeed do this then all he should do is apologize. Hopefully everyone can move on and grow from this.