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  1. I miss the old battle of Quebec days.
  2. 4-2 Canucks win Virtanen, Daniel, Vanek and Boeser score. For Ottawa, it's 'da Burrs.
  3. Makes sense, Virtanen and Boesser get to play and Chaput is a healthy scratch who goes in of there is an injury. No sense having Goldobin or Rodin sitting in the press box when they can be playing and gaining valuable experience, better using Chaput for this.
  4. Nice to lock him ;locked up. Probably a good chance that he gets some AHL games in near the end of the season.
  5. Very true And at least Edmonton fans still came to the games.
  6. That's what I kept thinking last game. Newell Brown can't seem to stick with any team and we need someone else to coach the pp.
  7. I wouldn't call him a bust. He is a mid round draft pick who earned a professional contract and by some accounts, has played well in the AHL. He may not ever make it as an NHL player, very few ever do, but he could still carve out a good professional career. Maybe my definition is different from yours but to me a bust is a high pick that fizzles out and is never seen from again, i.e. Patrick White. Cassels is battling and hanging in there and may not get another contract from the Canucks but he has managed to hang around a lot longer than most third round picks ever do.
  8. I would add another category which is that many fans just can't get to the games. I try to go when I am in the city but that means only a handful of games a year. Mayne the Canucks can try to market reasonable packages for those of us outside of the lower mainland.
  9. That's interesting. Houston is a very large market and there is a lot of money there. I guess there are many potential markets but my hope is to see teams in Quebec and Seattle before the NHL considers places like Houston or Kansas City.
  10. Like I've been saying, this right is only a right when the individual is on their own time. You are not free to do what you wish when on the clock, many employers, including the NFL and the NHL have standards of conduct but in this instance, they are choosing to not enforce them.
  11. The definition of redneck from is as follows noun 1. an uneducated white farm laborer, especially from the South. 2.a bigot or reactionary, especially from the rural working class. So yes, in the context you used this I would say it was used as an insult. You can deny it all you want or you can make amends, your choice. Bottom line, just because someone has an opinion different from yours, name calling is never the answer. Keep it on the high.
  12. Hope he is that guy in 5 years that 30 other team's fans second guess their team's pick and say, "why didn't we take Lind"?
  13. I was following your argument until you lowered yourself to name calling which is elitism and all in all is bad form. And btw, I think you mean to say patriots, not rednecks.
  14. Just put the West Coast Express line in the ROH and you get three for one. Burrows deserves to be up there one day but he is still playing and I have a feeling that this team is not done with him. He will be back in some capacity once he is done playing.
  15. This has been proven time and time again in the courts. Your employer doesn't own you or own your name with respect to what you do after hours but they can certainly discipline or terminate an employee who is acting in a way that brings the employer into disrepute whether it be at work or after after work. For example, if a Kinder Morgan employee thought it would be a good idea to join a protest against his employer during his vacation and his picture was posted on the front page of The Province with a headline stating "Kinder Morgan Employee Protests Pipeline", the employer would have every right to terminate the employee. Remember a few years back and a lady sitting in corporate seats at a Canucks game flashed an opposing player in the penalty box and it was caught on tv and later the story was that she was fired.... kind of the same thing. Ultimately, employers also have rights.