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  1. New team logo/logo change

    I would rather just stick to the basics. Something with a traditional hockey look to it. Stick in the rink works fine for this.
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Shocking with their first overall ranking. The part I found interesting is that they like Smith over Hughes. Smith seems like a real sleeper who is often ranked just oout of the top 10 but when you see him play you see a Duncan Keith like style to his game that has winner written all over him GMJB always has his guy and will try to trade down or reach a bit to get him. Last year everyone thought the Canucks would take Glass or Middlestadt because that was who they let on that they were talking to. I wouldn't be surprised again if their guy is the one that no on e seems to see them talking about.
  3. Brett McKenzie | C

    I hope McKenzie can stay in the Canucks fold. He plays with guts and determination and could develop into a valuable checking player. Worth an AHL contract at least.
  4. Report - Calgary Flames relieve coaches of their duties

    I would think that AV would like a bit of a break from coaching. The Rangers hired him almost before the ink was dry on his exit papers and he has been going full swing ever since.Calgary is not the place for him but maybe Dallas would be, All I hope is that the Flamers hire another coach that likes having his team play "so tough" that they spend the whole game in the penalty box.
  5. This sounds reasonable to me. There is a long list of very good players like Sakic, Yzerman, Lindros, Ovechkin, Malkin, Bure etc.and any team would be more than happy to have them but these guys are still a notch below the best of the best.
  6. I feel like I am wasting my time to respond to this thread but the captain is the guy who best represents the team and is a leader in the dressing room as well as on the ice. Where is it written that the player who makes the most money or who scores the most points is the captain?
  7. I like that too but a lot of those same folks you speak of are sore losers and will likely call you names. I did that on the "Gaudette" page, pretty funny stuff actually.....I like how certain individuals believe they have the inside scoop on everything hockey and really don't know much outside of the Canucks other than Crosby, McDavid and draft picks.
  8. And the Canucks director of player development I believe.
  9. Canucks roster year end grades

    Overall I generally agree with the OP. A few changes though; Gaunce at least C+ = I think his value to the team is underestimated. Earlier in the season when he was healthy, he played the role of shutdown centre as good as some of the best I have seen. Gaudette = No grade, we haven't seen enough of him to be fair to try and score him at this point. Archibald D = He is supposed to be a physical presence but he missed many an opportunity to step for his team mates. His footspeed is too slow to keep up with the NHL pace. He really doesn't deserve a place on this team. Virtanen B = He had a slow start and some rough patches but the end of the season really showed glimmers of his potential. He was often the best player on the ice down the stretch, especially in overtime. Anders Nilsson D = He was so inconsistent that it seemed that coach Green was afraid to play him at the end of the year. Thus a failing grade for a backup goalie. Next year he likely gets waived in favour of Demko as backup.
  10. Canucks reassign F Jonathan Dahlen to Utica of the AHL

    This should be fun
  11. (Proposal) Sign a College Defencemen

    If any of these guys are good enough to be signed....they will be signed. Canucks are getting close to the contract cap though and they want to use those on their own prospects so the signing of college and junior UFA's may be a bit less this years than others.
  12. Proposal (Hiring new defensive coach)

    Regarding the statement that bomber was a fringe NHL player, this really doesn't matter. In fact, the best coaches are just that....fringe players. These are the guys that jump around from team to team during their careers and experience a wealth of different coaching styles and strategies and make great coaches. Kelly Hrudey refers to this in his recently published book. Ultimately what it comes down to is that the talent level on defense is at the low end for an NHL team.
  13. Ashton Sautner | #59 | D

    I'd say that is quite a stretch........people are only soured over Guddy because of injuries and because of what the analytics people say, these guys are ruining the game imo. I like Sautner but Guddy is still a much better player.
  14. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    Youth like Cody Hodgson? What about Burrows, Kesler who flourished with AV, Schneids?, Hansen, Rypien, Raymond???? The Canucks were a powerhouse so youth had to earn their spots but Gillis didn't exactly stock the cupboards either. AV can handle youth just fine.
  15. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    I love AV but lets not hire him this time. He may arguably be the best coach in team history but this team seems to have a positive direction so no sense changing it now.