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  1. Who's Nylander?
  2. The Canucks seem to do well with their AHL coaching choices so I trust this will work well for them.
  3. Chicago must of pee'd in Bettman's Corn Flakes or something. They jump from well below average to well above average and have 17 back to back games. As Seinfeld would say...."that's a shame"
  4. Definitely claim him. The Canucks won't make the playoffs this year anyway so may as well have a guy in the lineup who plays tough and wants to be in Vancouver.
  5. True but I was referring to Gaudette, Lockwood, Rathbone.....the American college draft picks that are showing up on their own dime which is awesome.
  6. I'm really impressed that the college kids will be there. I believe that they have to pay their own way so this is a big commitment for them to be coming but it also may indicate their commitment to eventually signing with the Canucks.
  7. Coach Willie quote "He plays real Foo'd"
  8. Bachman had some pretty great games when he was called up to the NHL. I don't know how good he would be as a backup for a full season though.
  9. OK, plan B I guess...B as in Bernier?? Actually there are quite a few options and it would be great to see Markstrom be able to challenge for #1 or split duties.
  10. Hopefully something along those lines can be agreed upon.
  11. Hopefully Horvat can be signed soon to mutually agreed upon terms as opposed to having to match an offer sheet to agree to someone else's terms.
  12. Yakupov may be worth a look for a short term one year show me what you've got type of contract. If there is nothing by Christmas then waive him to Utica. If he can show that he can contribute prior to free agency next year then look for some term (2-3 years) to keep him in the fold. Most UFA's want term and dollars but Yakupov should realize he is not in a position to really demand much of anything. If he is too demanding then the Canucks can look elsewhere.
  13. We definitely need some toughness to insert into the lineup from time to time. Peluso its this mold or Thorburn is also a UFA selected by Vegas but I don't think they signed him yet so he could also be an option.
  14. That was part of it. the potential trade with Vegas was reported on some other networks, I can't exactly remember which one because I have looked at every draft stories I can find but I think it was on the NBC coverage of the draft with Bobby Mac and Pierre. Anyway, the trade was contingent on Makar being available, with him being gone the trade was off the table because plan B presented itself which is the availability of those you have mentioned.