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  1. What is your team and your role?

    Wild veteran leader......that's kind of boring but guys like Parise are very useful players.
  2. has a story on the proposed names and you can vote on them. Written By: Chris Creamer • Friday, January 19, 2018 Could “The Whale” be returning to the National Hockey League? How about the Seals? Because both classic names appear to be possibilities within a large list of domain names registered Thursday by an employee of Oak View Group, the organization behind Seattle’s NHL bid process — so says a post by Clark Rasmussen over at DetroitHockey.Net. Thanks to Rasmussen, who was also a big player during the hunt for the Vegas Golden Knights name, we have a baker’s dozen of potential names the Oak View Group appears to be considering for – what is very likely – a potential future NHL expansion team. Note: worth keeping in mind the NHL has not yet awarded the City of Seattle or the Oak View Group a team. In addition to the usual Seattle-Pacific Northwest symbolism: Emeralds, Evergreens, Rainiers, Sockeyes, Totems; the list also includes three-and-a-half names which were used by NHL teams of yesterday: Cougars (Detroit, 1926-30), Eagles (St. Louis, 1935), and Seals (Various, 1967-70); Whales of course is the “and a half”. The full list: Seattle Cougars Seattle Eagles Seattle Emeralds Seattle Evergreens Seattle Firebirds Seattle Kraken Seattle Rainiers Seattle Renegades Seattle Sea Lions Seattle Seals Seattle Sockeyes Seattle Totems Seattle Whales Seattle Metropolitans, the name used by the 1917 Stanley Cup Championship team which played in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (not the NHL, stop saying that people) does not appear to be included. A few of these names have been popular choices for those in the logo/uniform concept community for years — Emeralds, Kraken, Totems have all been the subject of mock uniform and logo designs for a “one day” Seattle NHL team both on our SportsLogos.Net message board and elsewhere. Heck, Seattle Seals is what I named my “Make a Team” in NHL18 last month… alliteration and a single syllable is always welcome. Totems and Rainiers have both been used by sports teams in Seattle in the last few decades. Firebirds, which is used by the Flint Firebirds of the OHL is an option despite their existence in the same league as the London Knights, the team the Golden Knights referenced for not being able to use “Las Vegas Knights” as their name. The Lethbridge Hurricanes are also confused. If this is indeed the final list this organization is considering, I’m happy. I’m just glad none of these are like the Emerald City Green Bears… right, Vegas? (eh they’re winning, they don’t care). The DetroitHockey.Net post goes into more detail on the registration process as well as why this appears to be legit enough to publish, check it out.
  3. Lots of names here, a few of them have a bit of a "wow" factor but need to grow on a person, others are not so good. Seattle Cougars - Solid name, held by the PG Cougars....unfortunately, the word "cougar" has too many strange innuendos with it. "Mother's, hide your teenage sons, the Cougars are coming to town"....this just doesn't work for me. Go with "Mountain Lions" instead and we have a contender. Seattle Eagles = This is a powerful name, used by other teams such as the Philly Eagles and Surrey Eagles.. if anything, it is lacking in originality Seattle Emeralds = Sounds pretty or perhaps fabulous (sarcasm) Seattle is the Emerald city but the name seems more fitting for a little league baseball team as opposed to a pro hockey team Seattle Evergreens = I like the originality but it sees awkward. Thy saying "Go Evergreens Go" three times really fast. Seattle Firebirds = Probably one of my favorites of the bunch. You could get a real cool logo with this, recognizes local culture and the Pontiac Firebird was an iconic vehicle. Seattle Kraken = Is that like, "Phillip Mc.........."? The name is interesting but also too complicated for a professional sports franchise. Seattle Rainiers = I like it but it has also been used by local baseball teams for years, maybe let them keep the name, besides, it sounds like they are sponsored by a beer company and using their name as a promotion and I do not like Rainier Beer. Seattle Renegades = Why not RoughRiders? I like the name Renegade but it seems like just a name, historically, who are the Seattle Renegades? Maybe Bill Gates? I don't know. Seattle Sea Lions = I love Sea Lions, they look so cute and cuddly. It just doesn't stack up with other Seattle pro names like Supersonics and Seahawks, even Mariners sounds tougher, even though, I kind of like this one. Seattle Seals = Oh no you don't. Go ahead, play homage to one of the worst franchises in the expansion era of the NHL. Do they get to play on white skates too? Seattle Sockeyes = I kind of like this one, it could grow on me. Sockeyes are one powerful fish who work hard to the point of death to fulfill their purpose, they're also delicious. Seattle Totems = I know some people like this one but I don't. Totmes don't do anything, they just stay planted in the ground. I like the significance for indigenous people but I do not like the name for an NHL team, besides, the mascot would be scary. Seattle Whales = Guarantee, the first losing steak and every playoff elimination the headline would be "Beached Whales". Orca Bay doesn't own the Canucks any more, why not Orcas? Then they can have an orca on their jersey as well. My preferences is Firebirds, other than that, I would be happy to see any of Sea Lions, Eagles and Sockeyes. I would have really liked to see the name "Sasquatch" on the list, that would ne my hands down favorite.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I agree, in contrast, I have a feeling that Bouchard may sneak up in the rankings as we get closer to draft time.
  5. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    the last one is kind of humorous....... But I guess at that time, Cody was almost looking like he could be a player in Buffalo
  6. (Proposal) Ken Holland

    Holland has been a great GM but it seems that the league has passed him by. Maybe much the same as other GM's like Chiarelli in Edmonton. Things change and these guys can't keep up. We don;t need a dinosaur as our GM. GMJB has a plan so I hope the Canucks are patient and allow him to keep going with it.
  7. Home blue OR half season blue, half white?

    I like the white at home, that's what I grew up with. The home white just seems easier to see the players and looks a lot better on tv.
  8. Where does Toronto go from here?

    Wherever they go, I don't really care. I just do not want this team to win because we will never hear the end of it from the Toronto Sports Networks
  9. With the uncertainty of the Luongo cap recapture thing looming down the road, no way should the Canucks look to take ona contract like this. I really like Henri Jokiharju though. I would have loved to see Vancouver draft him in the second round last year if he were there but Chicago took him and instead GMJB was able to make another great pick.
  10. [Report]  Sharks looking to trade vet D-man Paul Martin

    If he clears I would think that would make him very tradable. Someone could then stash him away if they are making a cup run and let him run with the team for the playoffs.
  11. I thin Paul Messier would have been a better option than the one who shall go unnamed.
  12. [Report]  Sharks looking to trade vet D-man Paul Martin

    Martin sure has a lot of miles on him. He may help a playoff team as a rental and then retire but that is about it.
  13. This joke of a team in Arizona should either be folded or be moved. All they do is draft good players and keep them for 3-6 years and then trade them. This is a dream for those that seem to take greater interest in the draft than they do in winning hockey games but it is a terrible way to manage a hockey team.
  14. [Waiver] JT Brown (tampa)

    I don't like this guy. If the Canucks make moves at the tdl then it could be like last year again with a steady dose of Megna and Chaput but a player could also come back in trade and the Canucks will most certainly be adding Gaudette before season's end, not to mention, Goldobin is available so it shouldn't get as bad as last year when tdl deals are made...... Also, at the tdl there are a lot of waiver moves and there will likely be much better talent out there. Let this one pass by GMJB.
  15. [Report] Jack Johnson Requests A Trade

    Did Torts rip him a new one after the loss? Whatever it is, I hope he finds a soft landing spot, Johnson deserves it after the whole parents stealing all of his money thing.