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  1. I think you have uncovered a larger problem with this team. For any player to play meaner, they need to be able to back it up. There are far too few players on this team who can back anything up and drop the gloves when they get challenged or the going gets tough. Without a doubt, Hutton would be minced meat if he tried to play tough against a big forward like Lucic or the like. You need a better balance of puck movers and toughness.
  2. That's always the question isn't it. Bennings has not or will not say he is shopping anyone on this team, including Hutton but if someone blows him away I guess someone else can wear Harold Snepsts 27 next year.
  3. Exactly, not really selling high at this point since Edler seems to have peeked several years back but there is still some value that can be reclaimed. Benning said he isn't trying to trad Edler ot Tanev but he said teams are calling so I would actually say there is a very high probability of a trade occurring.
  4. I would probably say Tanev is more valuable to Canucks fans, Edler is more valuable to the rest of the league. Undrafted, low scoring, defensive defensemen are not headline makers so I would say Tanev largely flies under the NHL radar, Edler has at least been an all-star and repear Swedish National Team member so he has some more exposure than Tanev.
  5. Tough one for the Preds, I am enjoying watching them play. Hope they can keep things going.
  6. With respect to the draft, about the only thing Benning really let known is that he isn't looking at a winger. A playmaking centre or a puck moving d-man. That rules out Tippet, everyone else is still on the board.
  7. Eberle severely lacks in effort on every art of the ice except for getting the perimeter and garbage goals. We don't want him.
  8. I love the first and Conner Carrick is a good player but Brendan Leipsic concerns me, maybe more so because Leipsic seems like more of a tweener than a legit NHL'er. If we can get Leipsic we can all start with the Portland conspiracies much as we had previously with Medicine Hat None the less, this Canucks team has vacancies and they would fill those holes but these guys are very small and the Canucks seem to be small already. Maybe Gauthier or Rychel could be pried out instead.
  9. I really like Jokiharju, I wonder if he would be available at number 33.
  10. I would say the Canucks are upward trending as opposed to be stuck in the mud as the Oilers were for 10 years sp its not all doom and gloom. This article perhaps places more value on elite talent than I would. I think a solid well rounded team has the ability to do very well. Maybe it depends on what one considers elite, players like Johansson, Getzlaf, Turris are not what I would call elite but I would be more than happy to have a couple centres of this calibre, we already have Horvat and have a chance to draft another this year and these are the guys we need.
  11. I see, didn't know that TB gave picks as well. I agree, LA actually came out of this in pretty good shape.
  12. unsettled goaltender situation in Vancouver since 2013-14? It's been pretty clear that Miller is the starter and he has been very good on a team that is not so good.
  13. LA gave up a prospect, a 7th and another conditional pick and missed the playoffs. I'm not sure this worked out that well for them although the return of a 4th is some consolation.
  14. For those critical of Elders lack of hitting, I would also point the finger at the NHL and the disciplinary goon squad for suspending him when he does make a good clean hit. His problem may be largely that he is gun shy.
  15. I think I can see the merit of this trade. Lehtonen would split duties or help to push Markstrom but I'd be curious if Nichushkin will come back. He was a player many rumored that the Canucks were interested in during the 2013 draft and seems to have a high ceiling but his commitment to playing in North America was questioned. Rather than the Columbus 2nd, maybe start with something else such as the negotiating rights to Miller plus Tram-man's rights. This intrigues me because it would be a real coup to be able to get Nichushkin back playing in the NHL again for the Canucks.