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  1. These lists are pretty arbitrary but I do agree that the Ducks have by far the worst jerseys. I'm a bit surprised the Flames and Capitals are low on the list, they both look pretty good IMO. I would put the Sharks lower on the list as well. The teal green as trendy from about 1988-1992 but that ship has sailed.
  2. That's about right/ Buffalo needs to understand that they have evolved to a no win situation. They have a player they need to get rid of and his trade value has significantly decreased from what they gave up for him. If he turns out to be a player, then they look bad but they also look bad by keeping him. I'm on the fence but like most posters, if the Canucks can get him without giving up more than what you have proposed then I'm all in for giving Kane a shot.
  3. That is a lot to ask. The only thing keeping him from getting a free ride to the airport and a ticket out of town is the notion that he may still have some upward potential but he needs to show it first.
  4. Tambir's rant from the 2015 summer summit was pathetic. Seems like his only purpose in life is to try and make those who are working hard and putting themselves on the line miserable. Its more than easy to bitch when you're not accountable for your actions, looks like maybe there has been a tad bit of accountability in shutting things down? Hopefully.
  5. I'm all for keeping Gaunce and giving him some ice time. Gaunce is good news, Kane is bad news. Besides, this is backwards, Buffalo should be sending Kane and a second for a 5th to whoever will take him
  6. lots of hype for Hayes, Hayes has incredible size to his advantage but I think we have a few players who could be "that guy" if given the chance to move up the lineup. Gaunce has more than earned a shot at a real roster spot, that is, more than just 4th line 7-8 minutes a game, He is such a smart big player and I want to see him get that chance. Emerson Etem Gaunce
  7. Red flags flying all over the place. Interesting that the incident happened the night of the draft. Imagine if he was traded at the draft and this came to light for his new team. For the average person, it would be like buying something full price at Canadian Tire and seeing it go on sale for 75% off three weeks later.........maybe not be just saying anyway.
  8. Kristian Vesalainen easily for me. I've seen him play first hand a couple times, he embarasses defensemen who try to handle him as he has a great combination of speed and strength and drives hard to the net with the puck
  9. Pirri is maybe a darkhorse, other than that I'd be hard pressed to call anyone of these players a UFA target. There will probably be better players available on waivers at the start of the season than these guys.Alternatively, save the roster spot for trades with teams desperate to make cap space.
  10. Typical NHL old school thinking. Tweak the rules here and there but never consistently deal with or send a message to those, no matter how much they get paid, choose to try to detach someone's head from their body.
  11. Maybe something Dave Nonis would have done but Dave's not here man....
  12. I saw some of that tournament. I was very impressed with Kristain Vesalainen. Big kid, good skater. slick dekes and drives hard to the net. Tippet was great too, seems like a big game type of guy, the guy you want on the ice when the games on the line.
  13. I hope we can find our own version of Jamie Benn some day. He is a complete player in every way.
  14. I sure wouldn't go for that. Especially since his best year was 4 years ago, he's only 24 but he should be getting better but his ppg seems to slowly declining in that period. Kane is a potential GM/coach killer, you'll either hit a home run or someone ends up losing their job over giving up those kinds of assets if he doesn't pan out. I think that's why at this point, most GM's would not offer much to get him.
  15. I know everyone loves Tryamkin, he was better than most expected in his 13 games but he is far from an established player. Currently if he makes the team he is a 5,6,7 defenseman at best. Some day he may be a second pairing d-man but lets not rush the guy.