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  1. Hartman dived so hard when Petey hit him that he hurt himself. pretty funny stuff
  2. OK I actually like it. It wasn't my first pick but I think they have done well combining the rich Seattle hockey history with the new theme. The colour scheme is unique which is good. I look forward to the Canucks eating the Seattle Calamari for lunch.
  3. Lets not trade Boeser please, all these trade Brock proposals are BS.
  4. OJ still can be the better player of the three if he is healthy.
  5. Sign the man Jimmy!! Get the Bone of Wrath in the system asap!!
  6. Just win baby!!!!!! Go Canucks!!
  7. I agree, I would call Miller a very "sung" hero. He is the top point scorer on the team and everyone recognizes who he is and what he means to the team. I think the meaning has been lost on those who voted. Usually this is reserved for a depth guy that isn't a star on the team but works his butt off to excel in his role. This is usually for the Tyler Motte or Josh Leivo types of players although I woul have chosen Gaudette for it this year.
  8. Interesting read but the premise is based on GMJB tearing up his free agent credit card for a number of years. I'm hoping this happens but still not holding my breath.
  9. Look forward to seeing the big guy as a Canucks regular in the seasons to come.
  10. I'm not sure if this site is credible or not but I read it here;
  11. Looks like a decent hockey trade to me.. I'd go for it
  12. I guess I'm a fence sitter but it would be good to see both whereas after the all star break they change from one to the other.
  13. I like all the candidates except Lowe. Sure he was a great defensive defenseman bu so have a lot of other guys that never get looked at and he was a train wreck as a General manager. The h Hall of Fame seems to have very discretionary criteria for admission.
  14. Hmmm...It just seems hypocritical to see a climate change agenda coming from a company that ships 10's of thousands to millions of parcels around the world everyday shipping things to people who could instead get of there butts and walk to the local store. I mean they must use gallons of carbon every second. I do like what they're doing with the arena though but if they were serious they would quit hurting local small businesses who have a smaller carbon foot print and employ more people as a whole.
  15. I would not pay anything for pay per view, it failed before ad would likely do even worse now as there is too many other non pay entertainment options. Although I certainly do include Sportsnet in my cable package strictly for the Canucks games so I guess I do pay for that
  16. This is truly disgusting. Back in the day all guys did was shave their hair, top and bottom of course but now this??
  17. Having a picture like that around is the equivalent of touching the trophy for the Western Conference champions... We don't want fakes, these will haunt us, we want the real thing.
  18. Mike Gilis--just gotta throw that name in there.
  19. Bettman's failed logic bout Vegas being a hub city summed up: Pros lots of cheap hotels Cons Very hot makes for bad playoffs and terrible ice Covid, they have lots of it there. lack of on-ice training facilities. Vegas really makes no sense, my guess is if there is another hub it will be in the east, may as well as put the other hub in Miami, Tampa or Carolina so the bad ice nd more groin ands spots hernias will be a consistent theme.
  20. It does seem likes refs "improvise" a lot, especially in the playoffs. In this sense, we got screwed in 2011 too but all this will make it that much sweeter when we do actually win it all.
  21. This is great to hear. I always viewed Cuthbert as one of the most professional and dedicated broadcasters in he business. I look forward to watching the games with him providing the play by play.
  22. "He said he might be willing to sign a one-year contract" If the Tan-man is willing to take a give him a year. Sign the man GMJB.
  23. That would be the best place for this team. Hopefully the arena they play in would also be in Quebec City instead of far far away in the suburbs. The Sen's arena is so far away from Ottawa it would almost be like if the Canucks played in Maple Ridge
  24. I was hoping that NHL PPV died out a decade a or more ago. I am taking a seasonal break shortly so I will have no TV, There's no sports to watch anyway so why pay a $100 bucks for garbage. Sunshine and warm weather mixed in with a bit of Netflix here and there will carry me over.
  25. Maybe win some tickets on Sports Night trivia..... Loved that show.