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  1. Obama really screwed us on this one. How long have they been purposely dithering on Keystone? Everyone knew those prices weren't gonna last and he wrecked our chance to get all that oil to market before the market conditions changed. Obama bends over backwards to help out Iran and all the while he's giving Canada the finger, you wanna talk about your skewed priorities.
  2. I mean, the parallel IS pretty decent. Even down to appearance. You've got the buttoned-down incumbent with the "conservative" (ahem) haircut, who's maybe worn out his welcome. You've got the hotshot young candidate with the inexperience and stupid hair. You've got the grizzled old hand with the scruffy salt-and-pepper look. And someone actually agreed! If this keeps up yall are gonna hear about my 2011 Canucks/World War One analogy, so be careful cause nobody wants that.
  3. The one thing I can't stop thinking about, and this being CDC I feel like this is a good place to discuss this without seeming too crazy, now when a government's been around as long as Harper's has been, there's a lot of pent-up "throw the bums out" feeling, it just accumulates over the years. That's natural. But the thing I can't put out of my head is, it's this traumatic memory I have of how the Canucks got rid of Vigneault and brought in Tortorella, right? "Throw the bums out!" is a natural response to have when someone's been around in a controversial spot for a while and grievances build up, it's an emotional response. But sometimes that reaction leads to the bums getting thrown out and there not being anyone better. Now I am not going so far as to say that Harper is Vigneault, and Mulcair is Tortorella, and Trudeau is Eakins. That would be unfair and premature, since we know how that situation panned out while in the political arena the jury is still very much out. But it COULD be like that. I am haunted by the parallels in that analogy and it tempers my visceral "throw the bums out!" line of thinking as an undecided voter.
  4. I did hear one interesting claim concerning the election just the other day, a theory that was put to me which I had not considered. We've all seen those damn commercials with young Trudeau getting rejected for a job interview. I found it baffling because the commercials are so annoying I figured they couldn't possibly be doing the Tories any good. Well the theory goes, polling shows those commercials are actually hurting the Tories slightly, because they make people feel sorry for poor young Trudeau, getting beat up by the Conservative media machine. The effect is weakening the Conservatives relative to the Liberals but strengthening them relative to the NDP. The media strategy is to divide and conquer by annoying us all with these intentionally stupid ads.
  5. I got a big problem figuring who to vote for in this thing. See, I've always believed and followed the old dictum "anyone under thirty who votes conservative has no heart, anyone over thirty who votes labour has no brain." Trouble is this election is taking place as I am thirty years old precisely. I figure I will therefore lean more towards the conservatives as the campaign goes by and I, in turn, grow older. However at the moment I am entirely undecided. None of the four major parties or leaders have displayed any governing philosophy, developed any platform, or announced any policy ideas that really appeal to me strongly. On the other hand all four have done, said, or proposed a variety of minor things that tick me off. If it continues like this it will be down to which of the local candidates for MP seems most competent and capable of representing the local interest to the chumps back in Ottawa, provided there is such a person and their party/leader doesn't do anything egregiously awful.
  6. It just bugs me so much when I hear the phrase "cold war" applied to Russia's relations with the west today. The Cold War was an IDEOLOGICAL dispute. Communists and Capitalists both believed that their ideology was right and correct, and destined to spread across the globe. That dispute is clearly resolved in favor of capitalism. China is the only major "second-world" state remaining, and their nation's success today is directly correlated to their government's willingness to embrace market principles and jettison hard-line Marxist thinking. What Russia's doing now is just ("just") great-power rivalry stuff. There's no ideological element to the rift over the Ukraine, or Syria. Not to say it's not serious but it's limited in scope. The issues involved are strictly realpolitik. It doesn't come down to systems of government or economic ideology. Russia may be more corrupt and less efficient, their political system may be dirtier, their actions more brazen, but there's no "Red Dawn" scenario here. Are the Russians gonna invade Texas and force us all to believe...what, the importance of bribing all our public officials anytime we want anything done?
  7. With the benefit of hindsight, sure, but you never actually have that ever and neither does anybody else. Decisions are being made in real time here. I've been guilty of it too, probably said once or twice that I'd rather we bottomed out completely than get in and lose to frickin Calgary. But, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. There's no way to predict how it's gonna go down, who would have said that LA would miss the playoffs? I mean, if we're playing the hindsight game, we should have played Miller an extra game or two at the end, taken a loss and gone in as the third seed. Home ice didn't work out for us, maybe if we start on the road we win that series, and even if we don't we'd be picking what, seven spots higher? If we're going by hindsight, I rest some of the older guys and get Miller in a couple games in that last week. Playing the string out hard for home ice is what ended up burning us.
  8. On a similar note... Christ says, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's." Under the regulatory state and rule of law, there are very few commodities which remain outside the strictures of law and regulation. It's strange to me that people who are pro-marijuana, the counter-culture, anti-authority types, clamour to have it co-opted and brought into the system they supposedly despise. How many stoners are there out there who go out and buy a sack of dope from a guy their buddy knows, go and smoke it with some friends and say to each other, "this sucks, I wish instead of doing things in this informal, collegial manner we could buy our dope from an evil corporation and pay taxes to the government so that they can oppress us more effectively." Seems to me everyone on both sides has got it exactly backwards.
  9. Benning has had just the one season on the job. If you ask me, he did a fine job, exceeded expectations. He was in a tough spot, needing to find a new coach, deal with the Kesler situation, and all the other fallout from the end of Gillis' tenure. And let's be honest, it's not an easy job being involved in this franchise. You can't please everyone. You can't even please most of them. If you do passable well by a few of us Canucks fans you must be doing a bang-up job, I say. Benning hasn't really put his stamp on this team yet. All he's done really is put out the fires left after the previous regime crashed and burned. As a rule we Canucks fans don't have a great deal of patience. But when it comes to management and coaching, the benefits of having long-tenured personnel are obvious. Look at the difference between Chicago, where they've had one coach for so long, and Edmonton, where they have a new one every season. It's better to have a decent plan, better to even have a bad plan, than to change plans at the drop of a hat until you got no plan at all or a dozen different conflicting ones. It's simply too early to have an informed opinion on this management group, they are still putting everything together.
  10. As good as Hodgson was/is/may still become, Kassian has quickly become one of my favorite players. Sure, Hodgson showed some terrific skills but there are always a ton of good young offensive players coming in to the league. Guys with Kassian's size and grit who can skate and make plays like he does are rare. If there's even a chance that he can reach his full potential here it's a risk worth taking. To me the trade was won when he punched Eager in his face, and everything else is just gravy.
  11. Ouch...well I guess when Lucy from TPB is against you you got no chance.
  12. Maybe it's just me but adding Dorsett with that pick makes this trade look a lot better, not that it was that bad to start with but that's three roster players and a first-round pick for Kesler and next year's third. I've been saying the Canucks should add Dorsett for years now, he's a scrappy, feisty guy with good wheels and a nose for the net, perfect fourth-line winger, wore an A with Columbus, led the league in PIMs a few seasons back. Kesler, 2015 3rd for 24th overall Bonino Sbisa Dorsett NOT BAD, Benning, NOT BAD. Especially given the restrictions he was dealing with, and trying to get one over on the guy who just won the award for the year's best GM, you can't ask for much more. I mean, it sucks having to deal with Kesler in Anaheim for the next couple years at least, a team with Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, and DSP up front is just vicious. But LA and San Jose and the rest have got to deal with them as well, it's not as bad as all that. I like what Benning is doing here, hopefully he takes a restrained approach to blowing all that cap space I don't wanna see any seven-year deals here!
  13. I am hearing that we give ANA our 3rd next year for their 3rd this year, so actually we are adding a pick this year. Anyways more importantly, we got two more italians! To me this indicates that we are re-signing Santorelli. I can't really say much about Sbisa's game, I've seen him throw a few big hits. I remember him being highly touted coming into the league though, played in the WJC if I'm not mistaken. Bonino is a real good player, fast, versatile, well-rounded. Pretty good return, first-rounder plus two guys who are going to be on the opening day roster for sure (barring injury or trade of course). Obviously with trading partners limited, we weren't going to get a major haul like DSP+Etem+10th, I mean it would have been nice but it wasn't going to happen. I don't think it makes the Canucks better, but it makes us younger and cheaper and gives us two more picks in the top 100 for this draft, and it solves the biggest headache that Benning and co. inherited without letting it get all drawn out. Gives us lots of flexibility to trade up with two first-rounders and two third-rounders. Me, I think we ought to try and trade into the top four, my opinion, this draft splits into two classes at the top, you got Ekblad, Reinhart, Bennett, Draisatl, those guys are a tier above the likes of Nylander, Fleury, Ritchie...Dal Colle and Virtanen are the guys I would stay at six for if Benning and co. really like one of those guys, otherwise you gotta move up.
  14. The model for the trade should be Bobby Ryan trade last summer...similar caliber of player but Kesler has a better contract situation than Ryan did. How's about, Kesler for DSP, rights to Hiller, 24th overall and ANA's 2015 first-rounder. Then trade 6th overall and 24th overall to FLA for 1st overall. There's a lot of flexibility in that framework to make some changes. Let's get really crazy, Kesler, Hansen, and 2014 3rd-rounder to ANA for DSP, 10th overall, 2015 first-rounder; then Edler, 2014 2nd-rounder and Schroeder's rights to OTT for Anderson and Greening, then we have the 6th and 10th overall to play with.
  15. Eh, maybe three to five years ago when we were in solid contention, you could say that the hateful, self-important local media, the aggressively bi-polar fanbase, and the conspiracy of international jewry were the main obstacles to the Canucks getting over the hump...but now we have much bigger problems, such as a lack of young talent, lack of overall depth, shaky goaltending situation, three coaches in three seasons, and major front-office transition. Hell, maybe an extended period of sucky play and finishing out of the playoffs is exactly what the Canucks need to shed of some of the ignorant bandwagoners and spoiled frontrunners who are giving our core fanbase a bad name.