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  1. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    As good as Hodgson was/is/may still become, Kassian has quickly become one of my favorite players. Sure, Hodgson showed some terrific skills but there are always a ton of good young offensive players coming in to the league. Guys with Kassian's size and grit who can skate and make plays like he does are rare. If there's even a chance that he can reach his full potential here it's a risk worth taking. To me the trade was won when he punched Eager in his face, and everything else is just gravy.
  2. Ouch...well I guess when Lucy from TPB is against you you got no chance.
  3. Quit being gullible, you are the problem with this team.

    Eh, maybe three to five years ago when we were in solid contention, you could say that the hateful, self-important local media, the aggressively bi-polar fanbase, and the conspiracy of international jewry were the main obstacles to the Canucks getting over the hump...but now we have much bigger problems, such as a lack of young talent, lack of overall depth, shaky goaltending situation, three coaches in three seasons, and major front-office transition. Hell, maybe an extended period of sucky play and finishing out of the playoffs is exactly what the Canucks need to shed of some of the ignorant bandwagoners and spoiled frontrunners who are giving our core fanbase a bad name.
  4. [Report] President Trevor Linden

    I can't believe that the Province is already slagging Trevor freakin Linden. One of the most popular guys in British Columbia, and he gets less than a day on the job before they publish an anonymous editorial calling him a liar. Why? Because he didn't confirm his position to some random reporter the day before the introductory press conference! What a bunch of freaking jokers over there, if I still lived in Van I would go down there and give them a piece of my mind. Those scum would write a hit piece on their own mothers if it got a couple of pageviews, the best thing the Canucks organization could do would be to refuse any and all comment to any Province employee. Hit em where it hurts!
  5. Are the Playoffs Rigged? (Put on Your Tinfoil Hat, We're Going In...)

    There's preferential treatment for some teams, it sure looks like it to me. Teams whose success would be beneficial to the league sure seem to end up having an inordinate amount of success. Teams whose success does not matter one way or another to the league always seem to be fighting against the current. There's something of a favourite sons/abused stepchildren dichotomy to the way the NHL treats its franchises, and it comes down to where there are profits to be realized. Remember Bettman comes from the NBA background, and the NBA was notorious for boosting the favoured sons, remember when Sacramento almost upset the Lakers until the league intervened? That's the environment Bettman comes from. It's not that the outcomes are predetermined, but when you see certain matchups you know ahead of time that one team is gonna have to go above and beyond in order to overcome those in-built biases. It's not so much "the fix is in" sort of business, it's more swimming with the current or against it, that's the metaphor I'd use.
  6. CBC continues to ignore West and the Canucks

    CBC doesn't ignore the Canucks at all, they bash the Canucks every chance they get!
  7. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    When we got that top-ten pick I was all, "take Shinkaruk Gillis, c'mon" then they took Horvat and I was like, "ok he's pretty good too." To get Shinkaruk at 24 and to stick it in Calgary's face like that is just amazing! Watching this kid play against Saskatoon this spring, he was far and away the best player in that series, it was crazy.
  8. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    If Willes is so scared of Tortorella that he's saying this garbage before he's even been officially announced as coach...well, all I have to say is, Willes is more than welcome to quit his job and leave town, we don't need his sort associated with this team.
  9. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Some key differences: 1. Keenan stopped the Canucks in Game Seven of the Finals, after Vancouver's epic first-round victory over the hated Calgary Flames...Tortorella stopped the hated Calgary Flames in Game Seven of the Finals, after the Canucks' crushing first-round defeat. 2. Keenan was once fired and replaced by Tom Renney. Tom Renney was once fired and replaced with John Tortorella. I hope Tortorella's first order of business is to go down to The Province, physically demolish their sports-page offices, and throw everyone out on their backside. If they replaced all those hacks with random people they found down on Skid Row it would noticeably improve the quality of sports journalism in this city. Have we forgotten how Willes in particular, and others of his ilk stabbed this team in the back and offered nothing but criticism during the Finals? I have not forgotten, nor will I ever.
  10. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    So looks like Eakins just got hired to coach Edmonton, he is out of the running for the Canucks job and will instead be coaching against us! What is the deal with that? Oh well, I think a first-time NHL head coach is probably a better fit for a young, up-and-coming team like the Oilers than for a veteran team like the Canucks, we should go with someone who has done the job before, preferably in a big media market.
  11. Instead of having silent credits, they should have had Billy Joel playing over top...Roose Bolton with some Godfather II stuff there, "Michael Corleone says hello!"
  12. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    You watched the team that long, you oughta know it could be a lot worse than it's been the last couple decades, a LOT worse. The West Coast Express teams with Crawford, and the Sedin/Luongo teams with Vigneault have been the only legitimate contenders we've had other than '94. I've been a fan ever since I figured how to work the radio back in the 80s, and I say we are doing alright. It'd be a shame if this demanding fanbase and media environment, and the excessively high expectations in this city, tore apart another solid team like happened after '94. All's we can ask as fans is to have a good shot at playoff success every season, there are so many factors that contribute to going after a Cup, if you have a good team every year and get a shot at it, eventually it'll pay out. You don't want to go all-in and end up spending a decade recovering, just be getting in the playoffs and maybe the team can put together a run some year.
  13. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    They laughed me off of HFboards for saying it, but my top three remains: Tortorella, Jacques Martin, and Ted Nolan...I would NOT like to see Eakins, Ruff, or Gulutzan.
  14. Toronto mayor Rob Ford allegedly caught smoking crack cocaine on video

    Mayor Ford is comedy gold, and his rivalry with the Star is a thing of beauty. That football .gif, my goodness, the laughter!
  15. I pictured The King Beyond The Wall as a much younger guy, maybe 30? 35? Oh well. Say, does anybody else see that GoT is a soap opera? It's a soap opera, right? Cut through the fantasy/HBO stuff, that's just setting and tone. Plotwise, it's a soap opera, I thought so even reading the books, I thought, "this reads more like a script than a novel," you can tell Martin was a screenwriter before he wrote it. The way he kills people off, then brings them back, the whole "powerful families vie for dominance" angle...classic soap opera stuff. I don't mean that as a put-down, I love that stuff.