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  1. So if they blow the whistle on an offside, just keep the puck in continuous motion and your good ?
  2. For sure. I think he's just really (and smartly) focused on his defensive game now. looking fwd to him being a great 3C for years
  3. Growing up in ON i saw him a tonne (and talked to him a few times).. Mesmerizing to watch. So glad that doc is being made
  4. small sample size. look at the first pp tonight. sure unit 2 scored with a second to go, but it never set up and even gave up a great scoring chance. i'm glad there's been improvement but over this season the pp has been dreadful.
  5. most of our pp time is wasted just trying to set up. they may be working hard but the results just arent there.
  6. Loved Nash. hoping for that doc to reach its goal to get done
  7. the freezing and need to refresh? was worried it was just me
  8. Would look better if there weren't any white lines in the circle, instead make the whole inside of the circle white and then put our normal dark blue where that light blue/teal/gray is (sorry, colourblind... can't tell what it is)
  9. Really want to see that back. need some kind of V incorporated in the striping
  10. Maybe it just has to be the right person executing it. Edler has had his picked off because he'll try it even when the other team sits and waits on it.
  11. He can't figure out what to do tn without a Sedin to cross-check