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  1. That's only used if the teams are tied in points, which with Winnipeg we are not. With Nashville we are and have the same points percentage, but they win the next tiebreaker for RW only.
  2. How is it misleading... the chart is "while playing as a rookie" which includes the end of last season. The counts for the others include those extra games as well (another version i saw had 85 games for someone)
  3. 'Effin PLEASE ! I can't take LE in the top 6 anymore. He just doesn't bring enough to Bo's line.
  4. Ha that's exactly the main takeaway that i noticed from that as well. That and how high Groavac is rated (72'ish) ?
  5. I thought we'd be sniffing around the PO this year but not make it, meaning we'd keep that 10-15th pick and give up the 2021 1st which i'd expected to be lower since we should be a strong contender next year.
  6. Hopefully without the toilet seat ring collar
  7. Get ZM in on the 4th line, to wake it up (and send Schaller another msg).
  8. I've got Miller and Petey... but Marky too (can't take another shellacking this week).
  9. don't forget the Moore incident which derailed a very strong contending team right before the playoffs.
  10. I'm hoping our guys took notes on how much pressure the Canes put on in their zone, especially on the PK. Very effective.
  11. While i like the extra physicality/puck retrieval BB has shown this year, his passing has really been hurting the team lately. Especially on the PP where his entry passes get blocked, and either don't connect in the offensive zone or in some cases have even gone out of the zone.