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  1. Funny... I have lots of confidence in JB at the draft. It's only every other part of being a GM that worries me. Which is party why he has no extra picks to work with.
  2. Here's hoping... but my confidence in JB has taken a serious hit this year.
  3. I hear ya.... how can you not get this team inspired to come out hard tonight when both you and your opponent are basically locked into lottery positions.
  4. He's simply atrocious in his own end. I cringe every time he gets a point because I worry that'll add cause to JB resigning him.
  5. Ya this is awful. I was really expecting us to dominate tonight, but this 2nd period has been pathetic.
  6. He's an American that knows he'll be a #1 in the NHL one day. Just saying he might get talked out of signing an entry level deal with a west coast Canadian team.
  7. I had lots of hope in JB when he signed, but honestly this year has chipped away at my confidence in him to the point where I'm waiting to find out whether he makes some moves to prove he's a genius or he does the opposite and proves he's better off as just a scout.
  8. My Leafs ? Dude you've got the wrong guy. I may live in Ontario but I can't stand either the Leafs or Wings (the two fan bases I've been forced to live around). I'm just worried about Demko signing with us. that's all.
  9. I'm already bracing myself for the absurd resigning of him by JB. I can't take anymore of him or Weber on the back end.
  10. But it's the increasing lure of being able to sign as a UFA. He's a guaranteed NHL talent now. Less tempted to sign an entry level deal with a western Canadian team that drafted him than take his chances with UFA..
  11. I know. I think it's a bit of a loophole that will need to be addressed. The college route has really improved in producing quality players that it's becoming a larger draft risk.
  12. Not worried about BB. Just Demko (being an east cost American guy knowing he'll be in high demand if he goes UFA)
  13. I'm already worried about Demko.... and it's going to get worse with each passing day.
  14. Disagree. It's easy to live with his rookie mistakes with the way he moves the puck in his zone and flashes offensive ability. Weber's years ahead and doesn't warrant the same slack. Hutton is a fantastic surprise this year. Can't wait to see how much further he develops.
  15. Their definitely who I'll be rooting for. I'd love to see Lu win it all.