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  1. Please don’t take motte out of plans going forward, and I feel like we can keep virtanen around on a very team friendly deal, hogs won’t be ready for the show next year I think pods would be but that’s all up to weather his team would release him to come or not, but I am all for filling the holes within or making hockey trades from this point forward, no more big fish free agents
  2. Obviously rick has seen all the comments towards his tweet and he still hasn’t added to It explaining why, how come, exc..... I feel like if he had something to back up his tweet he would have explained by now, that being said maybe it’s just me hoping he’s wrong for a change haha
  3. I like beagle and what he brings don’t think that his contract is bad but he’s def being paid very well for his services, but yes I feel the other 3 would be very nice to scrap... rousell last year was looking worth every penny not so much this year, sutter contract should be movable he shows promise at times and I think a team like Columbus would take on that contract as he fits that system quite well and well loui I’m just going to leave that one with no comment... maybe not a popular idea but with the promise podkolzin is showing and with the expansion draft coming would giving up A package with virtanen on his was out with eriksson and benn attached be such a bad thing to maybe give us some flexibility and eliminating a nearly unmovable contract.... Benn contract isint bad it just hasn’t been a great fit in Vancouver....
  4. I feel like Joel would be a very decent piece to add to the puzzle... move out benn and add in edmundson... something like 3 years 10 million would be a very fair offer, i understand with tryamkin coming back we got Edler Hughes tryamkin on the left side and it’s the right side that needs help (Stecher, Myers ) but releasing edler would allow us to free up enough money to have edmundson and keep tan man around... edmundson tanev>> Edler Benn assuming that’s a similar cap hit for the pair
  5. work ethic, desire to win and talent are a few things that must come within to become a great player and boy am I seeing a promising young player here! I am beyond excited about pods! This kid is nearly NHL ready and fall 2021 we will be adding an impactful nhl ready top 6 rookie into our lineup at an ELC
  6. Anyone able to give me a link to stream on iPhone? Would be very appreciated my tv is down and I’m a newbie to streaming
  7. I remember hearing the same thing about Crosby.... I agree his heavy physical game is a thing of the past but he’s a good hockey player that finds the back of the net and can still contribute in that sense
  8. Thanks! eagerly waiting for Mac daddy to be re invited back into our lineup.
  9. Dunno if he would quite fetch that but then Again Coleman and goodrow are worth two 1sts lol
  10. Nichushkin has faired well for them could work out if the Russians connect together on a line
  11. Loui Eriksson, threw this team on his back, when media bashed him he shot that down and led the charge, when stuck in the press box early on he chose vegetables over potato chips, when there is an empty net he seals that game for us open your eyes folks! I mean that markstrom guy is pretty okay when Loui is off the ice and the other team is able to touch the puck and take shots