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  1. Feel like islanders are a very solid team but varlamov is not a number 1 goalie, as much as I love marky I’m beginning to feel super confident in demko taking the reigns, this probably won’t be a very popular suggestion but the thoughts of having ferland rousell and clutterbuck on our team is dreamy.... so here is my proposal Van: markstrom 3.67 Pearson 3.75 gaudette .916 NYI: Greiss 3.33 Beauvillier 2.1 Clutterbuck 3.5
  2. this sounds is what I’ve wanted for years the start of it just fits sooo perfect after a goal
  3. If there was plans to move a dman out don’t think we woulda seen us move biega away, unless of course it’s a dman for dman trade
  4. Miller>20-25th pick all kidding aside I’m super happy this trade isint looking to be a hiccup in our rebuild well done Jim
  5. Pettersson 35 goals 48 assists -83 points Boeser 32 goals 35 assists -67 points (limited to 70 games) Horvat 28 goals 30 assists 58 points gaudette 23 goals 25 assists -48 points Miller 24 goals 26 assists -50 points ferland 18 goals 25 assists -43 points Edler 13 goals 31 assists -44 points Hughes 7 goals 26 assists - 33 points Pearson 20 goals 20 assists -40 points leivo 16 goals 20 assists -36 points eriksson 14 goals 17 assists -31 points beagle 6 goals 12 assists -18 points motte 7 goals 14 assists -21 points virtanen 13 goals 11 assists -24 points sutter 12 goals 14 assists -26 points Myers 7 goals 20 assists -27 points benn 3 goals 10 assists -13 points stecher 7 goals 19 assists -26 points Tanev 1 goal 12 assists -13 points markstroms numbers fall in top 10 in league Canucks squeak into playoffs make a first round push to game 6-7 but fall short to Vegas pettersson wins lady byng Florida panthers vs Vegas golden knights SCF Barkov wins scoring race
  6. I mean id rather see him in opening night over loui, him motte and beagle could make a decent energy line just not sure you would wanna take that opportunity away from one of these young guys that have been working hard in our system to get there shot
  7. 59 goals in 140 games played would you like me to do the exact math for you? 35 goals sound better to you? Never mind he was playing with an injured wrist last season and went through a dry spell because of it we all know we have a special player here and end of the day 7 million isint an overpayment is what my post was getting at... enlighten me tho... why you think boeser isint a legit top end goal scorer that’s going to put up 30 goals if he’s healthy?
  8. 7 mill for a sure thing 30 goal scorer with potential to be 40-50 I think there camp is being very fair and working with us, the injury thing is a bit of a concern I say 4 years 6.5
  9. rousell and ferland this team is going to be very annoying to opposition never mind Virt and gaud we know how they can be
  10. Wasn’t he a point a game player after being traded to Minny ... nm just looked it up 16 in 22 only 4 goals but hey not bad could be a 60 point player this year
  11. I was choked when motte was all we got for vanek and now he’s one of my favourite canucks, excited to see what his growth has in store
  12. I mean we are in the up swing of things a great looking future and have the ability to add pieces why wouldn’t players be attracted to Vancouver right now?? Guarantee there is other talks with players we don’t even know about as well, the miller thing came out of nowhere