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  1. Cody Hodgson

    Hammer reminding us what a breakout pass is supposed to look like
  2. [Signing] Ducks re-sign Ondrej Kase

    Kid has skill, every time I watch the ducks he stands out to me. Sick hands and annoying on the forecheck I see this being a bargain
  3. Hughes brothers on bennings mind....
  4. Cody Hodgson

    Always wonder if his career may have went differently if he stuck around Vancouver and had that great guidance from the twins, I know his skating didn’t really suit the way the game was changing into but he was looking like a very solid player at the NHL level, as much of a sour taste he may have left in some of your mouths he was just a kid and we don’t know what actually went on behind closed doors. Funny to think how I remember seeing him and Schroeder in pre season together and thinking how they were going to be the next leaders of this team boy was I wrong lol
  5. [PTO] Mark Letestu with Panthers

    What an opportunity with a young competitive team that has great potential to make noise and very possibly see them selfs in the final 8 if not better. I’m being lazy now not looking at Florida’s power play from last year but letestu and Hoffman could help boost that PP % #Underdogs
  6. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Clearly this means we’re trading all our prospects for Karlsson everyone panic!! I for one am am not looking to far into this, I feel like benning is the real mastermind behind the rebuild and linden has been working as his sidekick might get flamed for that but just my opinion, I love TL he’s done great for this organization as a player but because we see a familiar face or beloved face in the press box does not mean anything. There going to hire the right personal and the direction is going to stay the same
  7. [Signing] Blues re-sign Joel Edmundson

    friends with his brother got to party with him and the blues last year after a game downtown, 3m maybe my drinks get paid for this year lol
  8. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Devils affiliate getting a Norris candidate in place for them?
  9. goals,goals...from who?

    Boeser and Baer are the only top 6 I see meeting this guys expectation (if this is not a joke) I love the optimism. I’m super excited for pettersson but don’t let the growing pains over the next 2 years discourage you of what we got here the 41 May very well be a practical number in the forcoming future I for one am excited! A couple 40 goal scorers and demko playing lights out in front of our young d I smell playoffs not to far away
  10. Brock Boeser scores hat trick in first game back

    Just a natural goal scorer, that shot on his off wing I just can’t get enough of it such a beautiful thing. Can’t wait till we play pitty again
  11. They have had a lot less high picks and golden boys named McDavid I think GMPC is by far the leagues worst gm.... but hey I don’t care how there ranked as long as jim keeps filling our cupboard and inching us closer to becoming a top 10 team for a decade
  12. [Signing] Kucherov Signs 8 years extension

    Now I would love to see us target point next summer! We got so many elc the lightning could very well use. quantity for quality trade works for both teams here..... im a huge point fan so probably not going to get the same love from all you that he gets from me in the trade talks but damn this would be a dream come true from me i just don’t see him and his 5-6 maybe even upwards fitting into Tampa’s future plans
  13. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Leipsic was one of my favourite players when he was on his game, I really enjoyed him with Brock and bo would be very happy to start the year off like that unless Elias shows he’s ready to be a top line player as a rookie. I believe he earned a spot for this years roster just by his play down the final games of the year. Really really hating the Eriksson signing right now Boeser Horvat Leipsic Eriksson Grandlund Pettersson Virtanen Sutter baertschi Roussel Beagle Schaller/goldobin/gagner now I guaranteed we will not be seeing dahlen lind or any other prospects on the bubble unless serious injury’s happen or a big preseason showing a player belongs time to trade a prospect with eriksson to lose that contract? I dunno what management has planned but I’m very curious what there doin
  14. Point WILL NOT be part of such a deal, I’d say sergachev Cirelli and a first for Karlsson on an expiring contract is more than enough could you imagine if serg wasn’t part of it and Tampa’s top 4 was Hedman Karlsson sergachev Mcdonagh
  15. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I want these back as our main jersey not 3rd and damn does Bo look good wearing a C <3 black and yellow is just so much more aggressive looking I love it