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  1. My thoughts exactly, I'm thinking crow as well
  2. He's being way over hyped, still looks lost defensively to me! He has consistency issues shift to shift he's 26 and shouldn't be having those growing pain brain farts still and those side burns are just not workIn kass, I'm much happier having a guy like Dorsett as our meat and potatoes
  3. I don't mind it, cassels is responsible defensively and putting jake out there with him is only going to help that mind set. When green is saying jv is making big improvements obviously he is starting to develope a strong game away from the puck clearly not putting up points
  4. Pre sure they got rid of that
  5. Time to bring in a coach with some jam just not an idiot like torts.....hitch??!?
  6. Chabot and a 1st for burrows CDC expectation reality burrows for a 3rd and a b prospect
  7. Hahaha if Chabot goes for duchene the inconsistency of trade value really glows to me taylor Hall fetched who again??? Lmao
  8. Would love to see him get a coaching job under WD. Deff one of my favourite bottom 6 forwards we have ever had. I feel like he would be a great guy to have around for the defensive aspect of the game for our younger forwards
  9. AV just loves giving kids playing time this makes so much sense..... Rangers won't need to protect him next summer will they?
  10. This makes me feel so comfortable defensively as well when there on the ice, it's like when burrows was on there line he really made sure to cover there asses defensively which a lot of people never gave him enough credit for, not saying there not good in there own zone just lets them gamble a bit more. if he can rejuvenate the twins I feel like we will have a line to lead the way and make us competitive again, and to look at the guys leading the next 2 lines behind them in sutter and horvat we really do have lots of leadership style players down the middle and that alone can make a team competitive. "Never give up" mentality goes a long ways. If only we had a bobby Lou in net still!
  11. If Rodin can come in and shine as a top 6 and give us sedins eriksson rodin sutter Hansen we could potetially see 4-5 guys break 20 goals this year Daniel eriksson sutter horvat Rodin Hansen all have potential to do so, I wouldn't even count baer out
  12. Always have like gagner, feel like he can jump up and down the lineup and maybe he can hack kassian in the teeth next time we play oilers
  13. PK overrated over payed if he was a true number one hockey Canada would have him on the team, he's a liability just brings excitement to the arena and has a canon on him, I would love him for our power play just not for 9 mill a year
  14. With Edmonton built for tHe future the way they are I think we are looking like a second round knock out after we rebuild anyways
  15. He's an anchor, and I feel that we just landed ourselfs a to be top 5 shut down dman in years to come, I'm happy about it personally, yes there is possibility we could have landed a superstar with the 33rd or gave up a super star in McCann but I'm just looking at it as JB wanted to free up #91 for free agency ;p