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  1. Andersson seemed shaky during the playoffs against Edmonton I feel like having that vet pressence around him could not only help calm him down but take a work load off him during the regular season and possibly could see ducks turning to miller if any hiccups happen again, great signing for ducks if true and honestly great news for canucks moving on from yet another vet
  2. ^ he is so slippery gunna put us on a lot of power plays and boeser is gunna love him for that. I see the 2 of them along with dahlen being a very productive line for us
  3. I say If we're dealing with Arizona we do what we gotta do to pry domi our way, would love to see him and horvat reunited in blue and green. I no it's unrealistic but $&!# that would be a great line of horvat domi boeser, domi would bring that sandpaper we much need in our top 6
  4. Ah right on this makes it much more exciting haha! Thanks for clearing It up for me!
  5. Can they trade players they pick up via expansion draft? Wouldn't you think they would just pick the top player off each team that keeps them under the salary cap and then trade to teams looking for upgrades for pieces that may not be available to them? I'm a little lost on the exact rules. Just d seem to be a premium in the trade market and there is a lot of good dmen available
  6. Agreed the guy had loads of potential it's sad seeing guys lose there career to choosing party over fitness. On virtanen I'm pretty sure most guys on this site can agree they didn't mentally mature till after the age of 21. He may of been an early bloomer physically but mentally he is still growing as a person. Boys will be boys and I have faith to see him turn into a man sooner than later. I feel last year was a wake up call for him and he's gunna come back this season with vengeance on making the big club. Would love to see him turn into our Corey perry.
  7. Maybe he will get the sisters playing with some confidence in their power play! I miss the no look tape to tape passes that kept us all in wow. And if so maybe we can get a return for them at the deadline
  8. I'd much rather see us use assets to move up from this pick than to move up from 5 be nice to have 3 selections in top 33
  9. Win some you lose some...... just wouldn't mind seeing us win one for a change.. let me guess he wants to play with Connor Mcdavid?
  10. Agree above watching the ducks momentum swings often change from huge hits by guys like Ritchie and getzlaf jake can be a momentum guy for us that has the ability to be a playoff kind of guy physically wearing out defence and chipping in here and there on the score sheet I would like to see him play right on the line again with those questionable hits because every team has a guy like that
  11. My thoughts exactly, I'm thinking crow as well
  12. He's being way over hyped, still looks lost defensively to me! He has consistency issues shift to shift he's 26 and shouldn't be having those growing pain brain farts still and those side burns are just not workIn kass, I'm much happier having a guy like Dorsett as our meat and potatoes
  13. I don't mind it, cassels is responsible defensively and putting jake out there with him is only going to help that mind set. When green is saying jv is making big improvements obviously he is starting to develope a strong game away from the puck clearly not putting up points
  14. Pre sure they got rid of that
  15. Time to bring in a coach with some jam just not an idiot like torts.....hitch??!?