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  1. How many more cuts are there to go?
  2. The prospect "some" people would have traded for a bag of pucks is starting to raise eyebrows I'm loving this, as much as I would love to see him part of the team this year I feel like first line mins in Utica is best for him. He plays amazing with confidence and would hate to see him lose that over a hunch that he's ready . In my eyes I see archi and boes coming out of pre season with jobs
  3. Yeah that's a great deal for them, top 6 will be solid for the next 8 years
  4. Mcdavids speed got cut off over and over and I really feel like teams will take note on that's how to stop him or slow him down anyways size is clearly a lot harder to handle is why generally you see big strong players that dominate come playoff spot if Edmonton loses drai there in some serious trouble
  5. The way the media is built the game is givin to McDavid and it's not his fault he's a great player but on 2 separate occasions last season (this is just when I was watching) mcdavid received second assists from just being on the ice I had it pvrd and watched over and over didn't touch puck..... Eberle undressed 3 guys scores a beautiful game winner all the announcers talked about how mcdavid head maned the puck to make that play happen... drai sitting there in the shadow getting the little things done that make Oilers good again and he gets very minimal credit I hope he moves somewhere he can be appreciated. anyone know of a site to look up primary vs secondary points?
  6. Huh. He has put up equivalent points age to age with mark and he plays a much better 2 way game I see horvat surpasing him on the point total once he starts getting the power play time mark gets plus cap went up
  7. 6.625 over 8 years that's 53mill for number 53
  8. Dorsett will be in the lineup when healthy. He plays his roll to perfection and it is a much needed asset every team needs. Don't expect gaunce and bouchier to knock him off the roster, be interesting what mr green thinks tho,
  9. Ohhh well that changes my thoughts on everything....
  10. As a teenager it's very common to see them develop into men over a single summer. Juolevi doesnt seem to be a wild card not sure what ur getting year to year kinda player kid has a good head on his shoulders from what I can see my only concern is the possibility of him being slower but that weight could easily be additions into his legs making him a stronger skater. Still would like to see him play a year in utica even if he dominates it would be great for a young guys confidence. Can't wait to see him as a top pairing dman and stop the talk of we should have took tkatchuk hahaha
  11. Lives in Kelowna for the off season might want to stick around bc. Could potentially see him being interested in a leadership role, ecspecially since the twins are up after this upcoming season. Def could see him wanting to go back to Nashville and play under lavi again tho, 2 year 6 million wing spot opened up on neals departure
  12. Andersson seemed shaky during the playoffs against Edmonton I feel like having that vet pressence around him could not only help calm him down but take a work load off him during the regular season and possibly could see ducks turning to miller if any hiccups happen again, great signing for ducks if true and honestly great news for canucks moving on from yet another vet
  13. ^ he is so slippery gunna put us on a lot of power plays and boeser is gunna love him for that. I see the 2 of them along with dahlen being a very productive line for us
  14. I say If we're dealing with Arizona we do what we gotta do to pry domi our way, would love to see him and horvat reunited in blue and green. I no it's unrealistic but $&!# that would be a great line of horvat domi boeser, domi would bring that sandpaper we much need in our top 6
  15. Ah right on this makes it much more exciting haha! Thanks for clearing It up for me!