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  1. Here is what we are hearing around the league.... 5-6 teams looking for a goalie O'Reilly is more likely on the block than not Okposo and Grabner are also being shopped Sharp on the block Stl open to trade talks involving Backes and Oshie maybe others as well Among other things that could happen is the offer sheet possibilities to Hamilton and Tarasenko So what do we think our management team should get done........... My thoughts................ To NYI Kevin Bieksa Alex Burrows Nicklas Jensen 2016 2nd & 4th To VAN Kyle Okposo Michael Grabner Rights to Thomas Hickey Works for the Iles by giving them playoff experience on a young squad. Burrows contact expiring and Bieksa signing a exstension solidifies there backend and more grit. Well for us Canucks we get a winger who can put the puck in the net. Plus the bonus of a young puck moving offensive Dman to put with Tanev for years to come.( or Grabner) The key to this for us though is paying more out in salary put saving about 3.3mil in cap space.... Which leaves us about 8.5mil in cap space...... Next I think we should kick some tires at getting O'Reilly..... Maybe this would work........ To Col Vrbata Higgins Shinkaruk 2016 3rd To Van O'Reilly 2015 2nd Steep price for us to pay but if we are to have chance this is what it would take....... Also frees up another 1.5mil in cap space bringing us to 10.0mil in total availible space........ Than the last piece of the puzzle is to trade Lack........ To WINN Eddie Lack Michael Grabner Jannik Hansen 2015 2nd via Col To VAN Andrew Ladd Nikolaj Ehlers 2015 25th OA To CLB Kyle Okposo Lucas Sbisa 2015 21st OA 2015 25th OA via Winnipeg To Van 2015 8th OA 2015 2nd (38th OA) Than for the biggest splash......... OFFERSHEET Tarasenko 8.0m over 7yrs Our lineup Sedin Sedin Tarasenko Ladd Horvat O'Reilly Baertschi Bonino Kassian Dorrset Vey Richardson Ehlers Virtanen Edler Hammer Tanev Hickey Reilly Corrado Stanton Miller Markstrom Well lets see we managed to make our team younger, bigger, faster with better hockey IQ and sit with about 3.0mil in cap space....... Our defence will be tested but I believe it will hold up......... As well we managed to move up to the 8th OA and get a early 2nd rounder(38th OA)... We hopefully pick one of Provorov/Werenski/Zboril/Roy at 8th and either Carlsson/Larsson/Sompel at 38th....... The rest of our picks get used for some forwards for the farm system.. This will give us a stud plus maybe a 3/4 guy for when Hammer retires......... I know it is alot but most of these trades a pretty even or favor the other team in value.....But we built the trades around dumping a litle cap for our bigger picture........ There is no one on CDC that can say this team is not built for now and the future... Oh and by the way I managed not to mortgage our future as well... This would be a pipe dream secnario for us fans but I think management owes us as well as the Sedins to have another crack at lord Stanley before they retire......
  2. I know you are saying here is another Johansen trade. Well it is and I believe it is just what we need to solid our top six as well as our future after the Sedins. To Van Johansen Hjalmarsson To Clb Lack Hansen (Would perfer Burrows if he would waive) Horvat First of Lack has more trade value than Markstrom at this point and with our depth in the minors behind him; we will be good after Miller leaves. He also gives Colombus another option if Bobrovsky tries to take thm to the bank next offseason. Horvat is there replacement for Johansen. Horvat gives them a little more skill I think over Johansen but we get someone who is already at the NHL level. If Burrows waives his NTC than we keep Hansen if not Hansen goes in the deal and Burrows gets bought out to make way for Johansens contract. Our top lineup Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata Matthias - Johansen - Kassian (Kass and Matthias work well together when they were on either side) Higgins - Bonino - Jensen Hjalmarsson - Richardson - Dorsett Vey I know it is alot to give up; but with us getting McCann I think we can afford to give up Horvat in this trade. By all accounts McCann should step in as our 3rd line center in a year with his size and blossom from there. Either way he should be ready for 2nd line duty after the Sedins contracts are up and they probably retire at that point. With Hjalmarsson I am not quite sure what we get in him. That is why I slotted him on the Fourth line. If he outplays Higgins than they could always switch. Some of you may say we are either giving to little or to much. Either way I would probably throw in a 2nd rounder as well just to get the deal done. Remember this is a hockey trade which I believe is good and fair for both teams.
  3. 2nd LW is all this team has ever needed. Since Naslund left we've had Dimitra, a bunch of fringe prospects and Booth. None have ever panned out. I feel GMJB missed out not trying to pick up Heatley. He may be already past his prim but I believe he just needed a change. I gurantee he will put up 35+g this year. I know we have Hunter in the wings but he should be in the minors this year. Which hopefully he stil is to develope more.
  4. Bye bye Markstrom! [proposoal]

    I totally agree with all that these proposals are out to lunch. I agree with Canucks Prospect that the most we could get for Markstrom is a 2nd and a prospect. Also none of those teams are in the market for a goalie. Ottawa on the other hand with Anderson in the last year of his contract and Lehner who has not completely showed he is ready for the load of a starter may be in the market for Markstrom. To Van 2nd 2015 Max McCormick LW Alex Guptil LW To Ott Jacob Markstrom G Ryan Stanton D This give us most likely a early pick in the second round of a very deep draft as well as some prospect depth down the left side. Stanton is thrown in because with the signing of Weber and the developement of Corrado make him expendable and I think is also key in having McCormick coming back the other way.
  5. I love the idea of getting Johansen; but not at that cost. I believe that if the situation is as bad as it has been documented than a offer can be made. With our depth down the right side I believe GMJB could make a big statement to this fanbase with something like this. TO VAN Johansen's rights 2nd rounder 2015 To CLB Burrows Hansen Gaunce I know alot of you think this is overpaymeent but with Vrbata, Kassian, Vey and Dorsett as well as Jansen looking ready we can afford to trade from our strenght to bolster the middle. And if we can get him to sign at 5mil/3yrs until the Sedins are retired it leaves us 4mil to bolster the left side. Which I think can be done by signing Heatley for 3-4mil/3yr. I believe the guy could easily score 30 goals with our new system management wants in place. Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata Heatley - Johansen - Kassian Higgins - Bonino - Vey Richardson - Matthias - Dorsett Sestito Edler - Bieska Hamhuis - Tanev Sbsia - Stanton Corrado Miller Lack This lineup is deep and puts us up against the cap. But sends the message that this management team is looking to win now as well as into the future. We now have the potential to score on every line. Matthias and Bonino could be switched. But I think it's fine. Our D is a little suspect, but with Miller in net I feel comfortable with it. He played with worse in Buffalo. And if there is a injury in the top six there is enough depth in the lineup as well as in our system to fill the void.
  6. It looks more likely he will be gone from this team before the draft. I for one think this team should be built around his mould though. One team that I believe is on his list that alot of people have not mentioned is the Flyers. I for one think they also still covet him as well and think a trade could be made. I wonder if something like the following would be appealing. To Van Couturier Cousins 2nd round Picks (48, 56) To Phi Kesler Markstrom I know it doesn't seem like we are getting enough; but Couturier fills the #2 center position as well we get a great prospect in which we can mould or use as a trade chip. Plus 2 more picks in which to keep our prospect pools full. I strongly believe this trade would work and both teams would be happy with it. Vancouver would play the part of you never get full value for a player who ask for a tade. Philly on the other hand would say they gave up a up and coming star in Couturier and a good prospect to make them better now. Don't get me wrong; I would be completely happy with this trade and with Couturier as our #2C; but I believe we could try and do something else as well which would please this fanbase which believes we need homegrown talent on this team. So I propose we try and upgrade over Couturier with this: To Van Johansen (RFA) Erixon To Clb Couturier Jensen Stanton Columbus does this for the simplest of reasons Couturier is a cheaper otion which is signed for the next 2yrs. Plus one of our prospects who shows climpes of being ready for the next step and a depth defenceman in Stanton. Vancouver does this to get there homegrown talent and a solid D prospect for the future of this team. Well this is as far as I think we need to take any moves via trade. I believe after we sign Johansen to a 4yr 4.5m contract that we resign Kassian 3yr 1.75m, Tanev 3yr 2.5m, and Weber 1yr .8m. This still leaves us with a hole in the bottom 6 as well as in goal. For the bottom 6 I think Steve Downie 3yr 2.5m and in goal Ray Emery 2yr 2m. Sedin - Sedin - Kassian Shinkaruk - Johasen - Horvat Higgins - Matthias - Burrows Hansen - Richarson - Downie Sestito Edler - Bieska Tanev - Hamhuis Garrison - Weber Corrado Lack Emery With all the all these movements. I believe the team will compete next year as well as into the future. We still hold the #6 pick as well as the 2 extra 2nd rounders from philly.