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  1. I Use Adobe Lightroom 3 Sure!
  2. Last Saturday, Spain 2010 My Flickr Album!! ENjoy!!
  3. Some photos from the past few months... Body: Canon 500D Flash: NEW* 430 EX 2 These are all off fb, I might upload the originals to flickr soon... Shuswap Lake
  4. that would be a great help....I have been quite busy recently. I'll see if I can put in a word for you 2. As for this week, I wonder if one of you can start a new POTW, with a theme, and we will do the voting for both week's next week. ??
  5. First Photo of the Week is up! Go Here!!
  6. Sure. I can do it from time to time, maybe myself and Ømr7Ø can alternate starting the POTW? . Should we start one this week?
  7. Depends. If the themes were something like b/w, colour/abstract/nature/people, that would work. But we would not be able to have very specific themes, such as a "picture of a bird", because not everyone is able to get out there at shoot a few pictures a week of a certain subject. Thoughts?
  8. i'd be up for it!
  9. aw come on cf ! it wasnt that bad !

    okay, maybe the push up bra one, but not the panties !

  10. *waves*

    popped back on for the olympics!

  11. haha :D Roberto Luongo carrying the Canadian Flag
  12. why did you make a new account?