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  1. aw come on cf ! it wasnt that bad !

    okay, maybe the push up bra one, but not the panties !

  2. *waves*

    popped back on for the olympics!

  3. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    haha :D Roberto Luongo carrying the Canadian Flag
  4. why did you make a new account?

  5. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0
  6. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    do you have a picture that we could use?
  7. Props on the sig man Sedins!

  8. CF00 Designs

    Hey Everyone, welcome to my Album I will be posting some of the graphics i have made here on CDC over the past couple of years. My works can also be found @ Thanks!
  9. OMG Snow?

    SOOOOO happy to at least SOME white over in coquitlam
  10. Sweet web site man. Love it.Linden Vid was epic. Love the wallpapers too. Cheers.

  11. Trevor Linden - Captain Canuck

    Thank you!
  12. Wallpaper - November Heroes

    do you know that your screen dimensions are? If not, right click on your desktop, Display "Properties", Settings Tab, and look at the "screen resolution". 1024x768 1200x800 1680x1050 what is yours?