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  1. We'll take Loui Eriksson off them too for a cap dump Eriksson Lucic 2nd for Bieksa Kassian Higgins
  2. What should be Bennings #1 priority this summer?

    Miller, Hamhuis for Brent Burns and Antti Niemi Kassian, Bieksa for Lucic Edler and a draft pick for Dustin Byfuglien
  3. Michael Ferland and The Flames

    ditto. 100% agree.
  4. Michael Ferland and The Flames

    mental dominance, you defy that by punching the hell out of your opponent. Love Bobby Clarke style hockey. 1975 Philadelphia Flyers style. Love it.
  5. He is not getting paid more than Jake Muzzin who just signed 20 mil over 5. And Jake Muzzin is a better player than Tanev. Why, because LA won't trade Jake Muzzin for Tanev straight up.
  6. Tanev shouldn't get more than what Muzzin got. Muzzin is by far the better player.
  7. Jake Muzzin's contract will be a comparable, and I think Muzzin is a slightly more complete player than Tanev. Muzzin's contract is 20Mil over 5. So I expect Tanev may get 18 over 5? or 18.5 over 5?
  8. we are going after Erik Gudbranson instead.
  9. no way - Bo Horvat will be the next Jonathan Toews. Bad trade for us
  10. The UFA leftovers

    Salo makes Edler 100 times better. So yes to Salo for 1 yr, and also he retires a Canuck
  11. [Signing] Cory Schneider signs 7 year deal with Jersey

    Bo horvat will become Toews and Jersey will regret the deal
  12. Myers is what we need. Do it GMJB
  13. As per Aaron Portzline Umberger + 4th rounder for Hartnell