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  1. Detroit placed Forward Joakim Andersson on waivers today
  2. We'll take Loui Eriksson off them too for a cap dump Eriksson Lucic 2nd for Bieksa Kassian Higgins
  3. Miller, Hamhuis for Brent Burns and Antti Niemi Kassian, Bieksa for Lucic Edler and a draft pick for Dustin Byfuglien
  4. ditto. 100% agree.
  5. mental dominance, you defy that by punching the hell out of your opponent. Love Bobby Clarke style hockey. 1975 Philadelphia Flyers style. Love it.
  6. Bo horvat will become Toews and Jersey will regret the deal
  7. why? Ekblad > Tanev
  8. Tanev + our pick to move up
  9. For those who wanted us to draft Virtanen, bad news for you guys out 4-6 months
  10. We need to trade up to get Ekblad
  11. Ray Shero chooses the "gtfo" option and says exactly that to Mike Gillis and Lawrence Gilman and Mike Gillis forwards to exact message back to you.
  12. Kesler for PK Subban straight up. Than next year, we would have Jordan and PK as a pair.
  13. Depending on what we get back for Kes. If we can milk a trade with Florida say, Kesler + Edler for Gudbranson and Huberdeau, I say do it.