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  1. I always thought players signed after their college/junior seasons were eligible as well? Or is that PTO's only? Megna and Chaput are understandable since they weren't waived on the deadline day like Gaunce was.
  2. Then go not like him in his thread.
  3. How mamy times have you had to ask this question? In how many different threads? He was restocking the 20-25 year range where we had NOTHING!!! Bear, Pedan, Vey, Granlund to a lesser extent. Some of the trades worked, some didn't. We needed that depth to try and compete. We arent doing a tire fire, sell everything and accept sucking rebuild. Deal with it.
  4. You could make an argument that coaching and even the environment play into it all enough to factor into a players overall development. Who can actually say Tkachuk would be as successful here as opposed to his situation in Calgary.
  5. Shots fired... From center ice
  6. Isn't it slightly ironic that you don't take the Minny/NJ team and defence into account in evaluating Schneiders and Dubnyks respective seasons. But make sure to mention how Edmontons would have affected Scheids? As if NJ's didn't?
  7. Unless your name is Steve Harris, than no
  8. Because your question and comment was either uninformed or unintelligent. And has been addressed by Brock, the team, and in this forum many times. But whatever follow your "hunch" Also he has 2 more full years before becoming a free agent, and wouldn't re enter the draft.
  9. This kid is looking like a gem
  10. Juolevi?
  11. Again.
  12. I meant as if your 8th defenceman was your best player. Like those nights when the high end guys play like crap and the grinders win a game. And a team's best player can be their worst player, Alex Semin, or Alex Kovalev for example lol super talents that could be the worst player on any given night
  13. If the 8th Dman on your team is your worst player, then isn't that ideal? I'd be more worried if he was the best player
  14. agent 0
  15. I think we all know Desi will never be over BoSang. Its a total Bomance