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  1. Again.
  2. I meant as if your 8th defenceman was your best player. Like those nights when the high end guys play like crap and the grinders win a game. And a team's best player can be their worst player, Alex Semin, or Alex Kovalev for example lol super talents that could be the worst player on any given night
  3. If the 8th Dman on your team is your worst player, then isn't that ideal? I'd be more worried if he was the best player
  4. agent 0
  5. I think we all know Desi will never be over BoSang. Its a total Bomance
  6. I read it's NMC first 2 years, NTC middle 2 years, and 10 team limited NTC final 2 years
  7. are we going for the all name team?
  8. Weber would be a good mentor for this kid. and be able to show him what it takes to play the type of game that leads to success. Still a horrible trade though.
  9. And the fans go... Wild
  10. not too horrible. See if he still has anything left in the tank.
  11. If he was going to sign for less than 6 year's it would have been in Boston. Quit the sobbing over the term.
  12. looking forward to starting a bulls*it chant whenever applicable for him
  13. To add to all the talk about dmen being worth more. The RH aspect adds a huge part to it all. Yes Juolevi is going to be good, but if he was a right handed shot he would automatically be worth significantly more. If any of the top 3 dmen in this year's draft class was a right shot they probably would have gone first before the other two.
  14. From his nice outlet passes to their high end forwards. He was near a .5 ppg Dman in the SHL pre draft I could see him becoming close to that in the NHL. But he will also be tasked with PK duties as their top pairing RHD and will also likely play against the opposition's best like he already has.
  15. I'd say both teams are likely to be harder to play against next season. Larsson is a part of that for the Oil, if he's helping to make it so forwards like Hall don't have to come back for the puck. Mcdavid is going to have a big year next year if healthy, and Larsson is likely feeding him some nice outlet passes. Add in possible free agent aquisition Lucic to help offset offensive loss. Seemingly EG will make Van tougher as will an improved Tryamkin with Hutton hopefully adding those nice outlets. His physical play will deter forwards from taking liberties, but he doesn't have the offensive upside that Larsson has. Although he does have a powerful slapper, it's not overly accurate. Jason Garrison esque almost. Hopefully he improves there. Add in some FA hopefuls like Erikson or Ladd and maybe a depth player like Brouwer and Van is a lot harder to play against as well.